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Learn how to use Twitter for small business social media marketing. Read why connecting with Health Twitter accounts can help you.

Twitter is one of the biggest social media platforms used all around the world. As a way to learn real-time information, more and more clients are utilizing social platforms to connect with healthcare providers. Creating a strong presence on your professional Twitter account can help you promote your nutrition practice, network with other nutrition professionals and potential clients, and learn more about dietetics and nutritional practice.

You don’t have to be a social media pro to elevate your Twitter presence. In this article, we’re sharing some practical Twitter tips you can use to grow your nutrition practice.

Twitter for Dietitians: Grow Your Social Media Presence

Use Twitter to grow your nutrition business:

1. Make your Twitter Account Public

Making your tweets public allows for anyone, whether they have a Twitter account or not, to see your posts; protected tweets, on the other hand, cannot be retweeted or shared with anyone outside of an approved list of followers. Though a protected account is great for a personal account, a public account is the best way to increase your social media presence for a professional Twitter page.

How to: Twitter accounts are automatically made public. If you previously made it protected and want to switch back, go to your security and privacy settings. Click on “Tweet privacy” and uncheck the “Protect my Tweets” box.

2. Use Hashtags and Tag People In Your Tweets

By adding trendy hashtags relevant to your content on a tweet or tagging users who are connected to your interests, you can drastically increase the number of people who see your content and potentially gain more followers. If you need help getting started with tags, type “#” or “@” and popular hashtags and users are automatically suggested.

How to: to hashtag, type “#” then a buzz word (if it’s a phrase, remember to omit spaces); to tag a user, type “@” and their username on Twitter.

Think of a hashtag that will be relevant to your ideal client. What will they be searching for? Some top-rated hashtags that may be relevant to your nutrition clients:














3. Retweet Your Favorite Tweets To Connect With Other Users

Retweets allow you to share the tweets from other people you like most on your page. The tweets you retweet show your users the type of content you’re interested in, even if you don’t write it yourself. Because Twitter doesn’t have a “comment” function, you can also use retweets as a way to communicate with other users.

How to: press the “retweet” button (the green arrows) on the bottom of a post. To add your own message, press the “retweet” button and type in the “Add a comment” box.

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Twitter for Dietitians: Grow Your Social Media Presence

4. Link Tweets To Other Social Media

Featuring your tweets on other social media sites will show your content to users who may not have seen it before. Plus, you can increase views and gain followers by showing what you have to offer in as many places as possible.

How to: at the bottom of a tweet, press the ellipsis, then press “Embed Tweet”; you’ll get HTML code to add to your website. If you’d rather share a tweet via a link, click on a tweet, copy the link, then paste it onto whatever form of social media you need!

5. Learn To Write Concise, Interesting Tweets

Even though Twitter recently doubled the allowed length of tweets to 280 characters, Twitter is still a platform to be concise. The character count on Twitter actually helps you sharpen your writing to include only the most important and essential parts. Writing good tweets takes a little practice, but the best way to gain experience is spending time on Twitter and seeing what makes a good tweet successful. Check out your Analytics to find out which of your tweets are most successful.

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