How to Write Welcome Emails to New Wellness Clients

Discover how to use personalized email templates with your new clients. Learn how to write welcome emails to new wellness clients at Healthie.

When working with your wellness clients using any technology platform, you’ll want to make their on-boarding experience seamless. By making them comfortable with the technology from the onset, and helping them understand how you’ll use the technology together, your clients will feel confident in working together.

With Healthie, you can customize the message of your welcome email so that you can personally explain how you would like to engage with them through Healthie and set the standard for what they should expect while working with you. Each wellness practice is unique, and how you work with your clients differs from other providers. By customizing your introductory email, you’ll be able to make your clients feel comfortable and excited to work with you. Our free Starter Plan offers a complete solution for practice management and client care for $0. Click here to sign up today.

Welcome Email Template “Welcome to my Practice!

While much of what you will want to say will very much depend on how you would like to run your practice, we have a template of what you might want to say:

As an added support, we will be using Healthie as an easy way to chat and check your progress. It is a secure way to share information and track meals. Please take a moment to create your Healthie account (see below) and download the Healthie app on your phone.

Self-monitoring is one of the most powerful tools to help us make lasting changes. Healthie allows you to track your food and metrics which connects directly with me. Here’s a quick overview of the capabilities within Healthie’s platform, which you can access either on the mobile app or on your computer at

1. Track your meals. Before eating a snack or meal, take a quick photo and you’re done. I’ll be able to review and comment.

2. Follow your metrics. Weigh in at home and record it in the app.

3. Message me. The Healthie app provides a safe and protected way to chat. Be sure to reach out through this portal.

4. Schedule, cancel or reschedule appointments with me – all on your own. Healthie will send reminders accordingly.

5. Share and receive documents. I have a few educational handouts that might be helpful to have! Log into your Healthie account online to check those out whenever you need them.

6. Video chat with me. This platform will keep your information safe. When you want to video chat with me, we’ll meet through your mobile app or your computer!

Healthie’s features created with nutrition professionals in mind. Click here to learn how you can try them out for $0 with our free starter plan.

This message can be customized and changed to fit your individual needs for your practice, but here is a great place to share just how you’d like to use Healthie when engaging with clients. It’s a great idea to set up expectations. Include things like how often you will check their tracking and how often you’ll respond to messages. The welcome email is the beginning of their relationship with you through this technology, don’t be afraid to be yourself and have some fun with it.

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