Appointment Scheduling Software For Chiropractors

Learn why chiropractic practices benefit from online appointment scheduling. Discover the best scheduling software for chiropractors here.

As a chiropractor, your business depends on your appointments. To provide the best service possible, setting an appointment with you should be just as straightforward and enjoyable as the visit itself. Using appointment scheduling software can help your patients form a great first impression of your chiropractic practice and feel enthusiastic about seeing you again in the future. 

What is appointment scheduling software?

Booking appointments over the phone is quickly becoming a thing of the past. Appointment scheduling software allows you to create an online calendar and easily customize it to suit your chiropractic practice’s needs. You can add a link to the calendar to your website, emails, and advertising, so that patients can easily book a time slot that suits them. 

The software will add the appointment to your calendar, so you can stay updated about your schedule. It will also send confirmation and reminder texts to the patient, cutting down on your office staff’s administration time.

Whether you’re a solo practitioner or part of a multi-provider group or organization, Healthie’s platform has flexible membership plans to adapt to meet your business needs.

How your chiropractic practice can benefit from appointment scheduling software 

  • It’s efficient. Your administrators and receptionists are probably already busy enough. By utilizing online  appointment scheduling for chiropractors, you’ll free up their time, so they can focus on other important aspects of running the practice.
  • It reduces the chance of missed appointments. Missed appointments are often caused by human error, and they can be a big inconvenience for both chiropractor and patient. Chiropractic Appointment scheduling software minimizes the chances of no-shows by adding the appointment to your patient’s calendar and following up with confirmations and reminders.
  • Patients prefer it. Many people find themselves too busy to book their chiropractic appointment, particularly if they need to phone your practice during business hours to do so. Appointment scheduling software for chiropractors is available around the clock, and means your patients can quickly grab a time slot that suits them and get on with their day.

Features of appointment scheduling software for chiropractors

Some appointment scheduling software is very basic, and others integrate with other functionalities to create a full chiropractic practice management platform. To make sure your software meets your requirements, look out for the following features.

✓ Easy to use

Your appointment scheduling software will be used by many people: you, other healthcare professionals you work with, and your office staff, and your patients. Therefore, the system needs to be as intuitive and user friendly as possible. Platforms with too many complex graphics may take a long time to load or be hard to navigate. Look for a platform with a clean and simple design, so it’s easy for anyone to use.

✓ Features a client portal

Some appointment scheduling software offers little more than a basic digital calendar. However, a system that connects with a client engagement portal is a great way to provide more flexible, comprehensive, and high quality care.

The portal will allow your patients to check their upcoming appointments, test results, fill out electronic forms, update their billing information, and so much more. A client portal is also a great way to make sure you’re available when your patients need you, as you can reply to messages and even connect with them through a video or audio call.

✓ Offers a mobile app

You and the other healthcare providers at your practice won’t always be in the office to see appointments come in. Luckily, having a high quality chiropractic scheduling app makes it easy for you to get notified of new bookings, no matter where you are.

You may have long-term patients who you’ve developed an ongoing relationship with. A mobile chiropractic scheduling and information app is also great for them, as they can book appointments, view results, and keep you updated on their progress from any location.

✓ Syncs with digital calendars

It’s very important to ensure that your chiropractic appointment scheduling software integrates with common online calendars such as Google, Outlook, and iCal. Automatically updating the calendar minimizes errors and scheduling conflicts for both you and your patient. Plus, busy people will definitely enjoy not having to spend time manually adding their chiropractic appointment to their calendar.

Benefits of using Healthie for chiropractic appointment scheduling

Healthie offers a comprehensive appointment scheduling software, and integrates with a range of other useful functionalities. To sign up and start exploring our most sought-after features for free, click here! With Healthie you can:

  • Sync your personal Google, iCal, or Outlook calendars, allowing you to see your day’s agenda in one place.
  • Set recurring and/or one-time booking availability.
  • Allow patients to choose between phone, video call, or in-person sessions.
  • Enable/disable 35+ custom calendar/scheduling settings to meet the needs of your practice.
  • View your calendar on the go through Healthie’s user-friendly mobile app.
  • Offer a secure portal where your patients can book appointments, provide billing and insurance information, complete electronic paperwork, and connect with you as needed.

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