How to Increase Brand Awareness for A Wellness Service

Read Healthie's guide on how to increase brand awareness for a wellness service. Learn how to update Facebook pages and create premium content.

In the launch of your private practice, finding your brand identity is an important step in marketing and developing your nutrition practice. Your wellness brand is a summary of the visual aspects of your practice (logo, color scheme, font) and the voice your practice uses (personality, message, wording).

You don’t have to be a marketing or branding guru to create your company’s brand image. In fact, maintaining oversight of your wellness brand as it develops is preferable (as opposed to outsourcing), since it will allow you to establish a clear voice and message. However, you do have to be consistent with your branding. With clear and consistent branding, prospective clients will be able to quickly connect with your practice, and be more easily compelled to book your services. Every single touch-point with a client or prospective client provides an opportunity for you to build upon your wellness brand.

Beyond a practice management platform and client engagement tool, the Healthie platform was designed to showcase your wellness brand. With fully customizable features, you can design your Healthie portal to incorporate important branding elements.

Here are 5 ways that you can use the Healthie platform to increase brand awareness:

1. Share your branded introductory resources automatically with new clients

From a client’s very first interaction with your business, you can ensure that they are immediately introduced to your brand. You can create a custom “Introductory Folder,” which is automatically shared with a new client on the platform. Some documents you may want to include:

  • An overview document of who you are, your practice philosophy, and what you hope to accomplish in your work with the client
  • Directions to your office (even if you include Office Location in your Calendar, it may be helpful to have this detail in a document as well)
  • How you’ll use the Healthie platform while working together (ie. to chat between sessions, to keep a photo food diary, to set goals and to share documents).
  • A welcome video: even more than documents, video can quickly provide a connection and establish trust in your brand. Speak directly to your new clients, by including a short welcome video that can be embedded into any document.

For Healthie providers, here are some relevant guides to help you customize and share intake forms and documents with your clients:

2. Create premium branded content for which you charge a fee

Creating tailored nutrition resources for your clients is a great way to support your clients while showcasing your brand. Premium documents often include resources like:

  • Meal plans
  • Presentations
  • E-Books
  • Recipes
  • Guides or overviews

Within Healthie, you can create a package specifically for this material for you to market and sell. Market your high-value documents to existing clients, or use them as a marketing tool to gain new clients. Promote your premium on your website, social media, or within the Healthie platform. Not only will this create a stream of additional revenue, via passive income, but it will be a way for you to collect prospective client information. Once you’ve captured lead emails, you can strategically put them through an email marketing campaign and/or add them to your newsletter list.

For Healthie providers, here are some resources creating a client packages and wellness program:

3. Customize your documents to include your business’s logo and style for consistent branding

As you build a repository of your own educational resources and handouts, be sure to include your logo and style guide (any font / colors that you’ve select) to help build out your brand presence and consistency. Upload documents as a PDF, if you want to ensure that they won’t be modifiable when downloaded, which maintains logo quality and brand consistency.

4. Add a “Book Now” to your Facebook page, linking to your Healthie portal

5 Ways to Leverage Healthie to Build Your Wellness Brand

Many of our providers have Facebook pages for their business – this is becoming increasingly popular as a marketing vehicle, and to help build your personal brand as well. You can link your Healthie Calendar / Packages link with the Facebook “Book Now” button! For step-by-step instructions on adding your “call to action button,” visit this Facebook help page.

For Healthie providers, here’s a step-by-step example of how to add your Healthie calendar link to paste into your Facebook button:

5 Ways to Leverage Healthie to Build Your Wellness Brand
5 Ways to Leverage Healthie to Build Your Wellness Brand

5. Leverage the Healthie Media tool kit to create branded social images

Social media is more frequently becoming a primary source of new client leads for our providers. Carrying over your brand image and personality to your social pages is a way to help build upon your brand consistency.

To help you get started, choose from our Healthie media library to help announce how you work with clients. Utilize these social media images across your Facebook, Instagram, Instagram Stories and other social pages. We’ve included images with and without text so that you can edit them to reflect your brand personality. Showcase how you will work with clients, and how the technology you use helps you to fully support your clients in their wellness journey.

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