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Download free Healthie marketing assets, from logos to social posts.

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As the tool you use to run your business and engage with clients, it’s essential to clearly communicate how you use Healthie. This will help streamline your onboarding experience with new clients, as well as attract prospective clients.

In this toolkit, we share FREE images, logos and sample social content to edit or use across your digital platforms. There is a version of each image with and without the Healthie logo, for you to select or edit the content that represents your brand. We’ve also included some sample text that you can use to introduce Healthie to your clients, and talk them through some basic steps, like getting started with Zoom for Telehealth calls.

Table of Contents:

  • How to communicate Healthie to your new clients
  • Helping your clients use Zoom
  • Healthie logos  
  • Pre-created social media posts (market your services & telehealth offerings)

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