The Best Software for Nutritionists 2023

Discover the best software for nutritionists for streamlining your business in 2023. Learn how these tools can help you scale your practice.

Launching and growing a successful nutrition practice, takes time — and the right support. Choosing the tools that will best support your business not only will save you time, but allow you to quickly scale your practice. Now that we’re in 2023, we’re taking a fresh look at the latest software available for nutrition professionals. Learn how to streamline your wellness business with these top 5 online tools.

1. GSuite for Business

This may be an obvious choice, but moving into the new decade, GSuite remains a steadfast software ideal for private practices and small businesses. Creating a business account is easy, and allows you to setup an email address personalized to your business, and linked to your website (instead of having a generic address). Even more, you can add more people to your account, so that everyone in your business can utilize the same tools.

Long gone are the days of being tied to your physical computer, or relying on flash drives. GSuite gives you access to cloud-based Google docs, sheets, survey forms, and slides. Access your important documents by signing into your Google Business account from any device. Share these resources with anyone on your team, and control their permissions to protect your work.

Need a separate phone line for your nutrition business? GSuite has you covered. Easily add-on a phone line that will connect with your actual phone and business gmail account.

5 Top Software Tools For Nutritionists in 2020

2. Mailchimp

Ready to step up your email marketing game in 2023? Mailchimp is the most user-friendly email marketing software, ideal for small businesses and people with varying technical skills. Utilize Mailchimp’s varying templates to easily create one-off emails, automated email campaigns, and newsletters. Creating these email campaigns will allow you to stay in touch with your current clients, share important updates, and nurture potential leads. Building out these important touch-points with prospects helps your business stay top-of-mind, converting leads to paying customers and returning clients.

Mailchimp also allows you to store your email contacts, sort them into different audiences, and even add tags (like “lead” or “client”) so you can send personalized emails to your subscribers to welcome potential clients to your nutrition practice or promote new nutritional care services. New subscribers can be manually added, or you can create signup forms to link to your website, which will automatically update your mailing list. These small automations help to ensure that you capture every lead to your nutritional practice website, and stay engaged with them throughout their customer journey.

5 Top Software Tools For Nutritionists in 2020

3. Canva  

Want to create high-quality educational resources, marketing materials, and social posts? As you grow your nutrition business, Canva serves as a one-stop shop for all of your marketing design needs. With access to thousands of design templates, Canva makes it easy to create logos, social posts, flyers, educational handouts, and more for your business. Save your brand colors and fonts within Canva to help create a consistent branded look for all of your content. You’ll also gain access to Canva’s image library, which you can use to add premium photos or illustrations to all of your design work.

Even more, Canva is the only design tool created for non-designers. With its drag-and-drop capabilities, you’ll find Canva easy and exciting to use. Having these professionals and branded materials will help you grow your business in the new year and attract new wellness clients.

5 Top Software Tools For Nutritionists in 2020

4. Healthie

Running a nutrition business requires a multitude of capabilities: client scheduling, charting, paperwork, billing, and client communication to name just a few. Using a variety of tools to complete these tasks can slow down your practice, and can lead to gaps in your client care. To help solve this problem, Healthie was created as an all-in-one practice management platform for nutrition professionals.

With subscription plans designed for every stage of your business, Healthie is designed to grow with you. Healthie’s core features are included in every plan:

  • Online appointment scheduling
  • EHR with charting templates designed for nutrition professionals
  • Invoicing and payment processing
  • Electronic client paperwork
  • Documents storage and sharing
  • Telehealth
  • Insurance billing

Beyond the business tools, Healthie is the only client engagement tool on the market. As we rocket into a new decade, it’s becoming abundantly clear that clients are looking for more personalized nutritional care. With Healthie, clients receive a secure login on desktop and/or mobile app, where they can log their metrics, check-off goals, log photos of their meals, and message their nutrition provider. These added client engagement features allow nutrition professionals and clients to build relationships over time, driving improved client outcomes.

5 Top Software Tools For Nutritionists in 2020

5. Zoom

More than ever, clients are seeking flexibility and convenience from their healthcare providers. Telehealth allows nutrition professionals to connect with clients for virtual one-on-one or group sessions. Zoom is a HIPAA-compliant telehealth platform that enables group video conferences, allows wellness providers to host webinars, and record sessions for future use. With high quality video (even in poor service areas) wellness professionals find that Zoom consistently provides a professional telehealth call.

If you host webinars or group calls in your practice, you’ll find that Zoom also has added features for an engaging group experience — share your screen, launch a poll, read questions from participants, and more.

Pro Tip: For Healthie members, an integration with Zoom allows 1:1, group calls, and webinars is automatically accessible for members on Healthie’s Practice Plus plan or above.

5 Top Software Tools For Nutritionists in 2020

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Make more time to grow your business

Use a platform that automates the administrative, so you can focus on growth and care.

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