Swing Therapeutics Launches With Healthie To Provide Evidence-Backed Digital Treatments

Swing Therapeutics needed an API-first EHR that was flexible to their business needs. After months of trying to work within the limits of traditional EHRs, Swing Therapeutics found Healthie. As a fully customizable, headless EHR, Healthie made it easy for Swing Therapeutics to simplify workflows and create clinician pathways. Able to launch in just 45 days, Swing Therapeutics saw an immediate ROI as they shaved months off of development time and technical debt.

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Swing Therapeutics Sees Immediate ROI With Healthie

Streamlined workflows and high clinician satisfaction allow Swing Therapeutics to focus on growth.

Having already spent months vetting a different EHR provider, the Swing Therapeutics team recognized that building its own backend solution would not only take months more, but also require a huge allocation of resources. Launching in just 45 days with Healthie not only meant a high speed-to-market, but also that the engineering team could stay focused on what makes Swing Therapeutics unique. 

Swing Therapeutics’ Head of Software, Eric Hoppe, explains that “Healthie truly is headless, with extensibility that is limitless.” In the coming months, Swing Therapeutics will leverage more Healthie features as they begin marketing activities and continue rapid growth. 


Swing Therapeutics Needed A Modern, Virtual-First EHR

Traditional EHRs were both rigid and expensive.

Swing Therapeutics provides the technology platform for Swing Care, a telemedicine clinic dedicated to expert fibromyalgia treatment. They needed an EHR that would help to manage all clinical activities virtually, and allow clinicians to send questionnaires to patients and gather data to personalize treatment. Swing Tx considered building their own backend solution, but realized that would be costly both in resources and speed-to-market. 

After spending months working with a traditional EHR platform, Swing Therapeutics found it could not actually meet their needs. Having to start from square one, Swing Therapeutics were looking then for a modern EHR that was fully customizable and able to easily push and pull data - that is when they found Healthie. 


Swing Therapeutics Grow Quickly With Healthie Serving As Their Backend

Leveraging the Healthie EHR, Swing Therapeutics is prepared for rapid growth.

Healthie played an integral part in helping Swing Therapeutics create their virtual clinic. Leveraging the Healthie platform and API, Swing Therapeutics went live in 45 days with a streamlined workflow and established care pathway. The flexibility of Healthie allowed Swing Therapeutics to customize forms, input automations, and collect electronic patient-reported outcomes, therefore reducing administrative work so that their team can focus on their mission. 

Currently using several Healthie features including scheduling, chat, and clinician notes, Swing Therapeutics looks forward to incorporating client groups, workflow tasks, and promo codes as they continue to grow and begin marketing. 

"Working with Healthie has allowed expansion of access to expert fibromyalgia treatment through the Swing Care clinic, helping to better serve patients, integrate with backend systems more quickly, and monitor patient outcomes while keeping their data secure."
Mike Rosenbluth, PhD
Mike Rosenbluth, PhD
A woman sitting at a table with a cup of coffee and a phone, looking at the screen with a smile.

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