Hinge Health switches to Healthie's API-First Scheduling Solution

Hinge Health needed scalable infrastructure to meet increased demand for their MSK Delivery Solution. They sought a platform that would integrate with their existing member experience, and knew it did not make sense to build in house. Building with Healthie has eliminated unscalable manual activities and enabled Hinge to provide a better experience.

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company profile
San Francisco, CA
Chronic pain, MSK conditions
Patient Population Served
60 Days
to go live
$826 million
Capital Raised
Key Results

Hinge Health Has Annual ROI Of $500k-$1M with Healthie

Healthie enables Hinge Health to prioritize developer resources and scale quickly.

Hinge Health’s internal ROI analysis used inputs of developer costs, speed to go live, and implementation resources needed from the team, which estimated a potential to save $500K - $1M annually with Healthie. 

Leveraging Healthie has allowed Hinge Health to:

  • Improve internal operations, leading to leaner back office team
  • Provide efficiency for both PTs and members 
  • Create better workflows for care team members
  • Empower the Hinge Health team with the ability to plan for capacity

The Hinge Health team ran an internal ROI analysis and used inputs of developer costs, speed to go live, and implementation resources that’d be needed from the team. This work estimated that they’d have the potential to save upwards of $1M annually with Healthie. 

Additionally, the ease and comprehensiveness of the Healthie platform has meant that they would improve internal operations and save PT and member time, on top of having better care team member workflows and improved ability to plan for capacity. 


Hinge Health Needed an API-first solution that would eliminate manual workflows

Company was looking to streamline as they outgrew previous backend systems.

As a large digital musculoskeletal clinic, Hinge Health provides members easily accessible care, including the opportunity to book same day, one-on-one appointments with care providers. Hinge Health prides themselves on reducing barriers to care and on providing members with seamless and enjoyable health care experiences. As the company scaled, so did the need to eliminate manual and time-intensive engineering processes to make these member benefits possible. 

Hinge Health was looking for an API-first scheduling vendor that would automate care team calendar availability and allow both their care providers and members to personalize appointments as needed. While Hinge Health considered multiple enterprise scheduling platforms, a fellow digital health company suggested Healthie. The endorsement from another large, virtual-first organization gave Hinge Health the confidence that Healthie could support them while scaling at a rapid pace to readily meet member demand.


Hinge Health Switched to Healthie’s API and Platform

Healthie supports the back-end of Hinge Health’s provider-member scheduling software.

Hinge Health chose Healthie because they needed a highly customizable platform that would integrate with their existing systems and prioritize data security to ensure member privacy. The Healthie API allows for direct linkage, pulling data from scheduling and plugging it directly into the existing systems, making for a better web and mobile experience for clinicians and members alike. 

“Healthie has a differentiated robust API. The Healthie API allows us to get data from our scheduling system and direct it into the Hinge Health systems. This means we can connect our calendar to other parts of the Hinge Health web and mobile experience for our clinicians and members. We were looking for a highly customizable platform that would give us flexibility to select what members see, how they select care teams, and how they book an appointment with a provider. For example, we needed a feature that would pull information from our web and mobile applications and give members a personalized experience while scheduling appointments with compatible care team members. 

Beyond that, it was important for us to select a platform compatible with existing Hinge Health systems and prioritize data security (HIPAA and SOC 2 compliance) or compliance and ensure member privacy.”

The integration with Healthie relieved Hinge Health of manual activities and also created a seamless experience for their members. With previous constraints relieved, Hinge Health now has more flexibility in selecting what members can see, how they select care teams, and how they book an appointment with a provider. This makes for a more personalized and enjoyable experience for Hinge Health members.

"The Healthie API provides a very robust and flexible platform to meet our scheduling needs. We have built our roadmap around the various pieces of functionality that Healthie offers. This allows us to flexibly deploy scheduling to our members both in the app and on the web."
Vidhan Agrawal
Vidhan Agrawal
Senior Product Manager
A woman exercising using a smartphone for her workout routine.

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