Open Hands Atlanta uses Healthie to Expand their organization

Non-profit Open Hands Atlanta faced challenges as they had outgrown their existing systems. Seeking to expand services and improve client access, they turned to Healthie. Healthie's versatile tools transformed nutrition education, enabling Open Hands Atlanta to offer better delivery of nutrition education while streamlining invoicing and enhancing financial oversight.

A person giving a food-filled paper bag to another person, symbolizing an act of kindness and sharing.
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Expanding Services and Thriving Through Adversity

Healthie empowered Open Hands Atlanta to introduce new programs, pivot to virtual services, and maintain community support during COVID-19.

With the support of Healthie, Open Hands Atlanta expanded its services, introducing new branches like Good Measure Meals for enterprise employees and Cooking Matters for at-risk community members. During COVID-19, Open Hands Atlanta were able to shift to virtual programming, where Healthie played a crucial role in maintaining engagement and education. Open Hands Atlanta credits Healthie for enabling them to adapt and thrive during the pandemic, ensuring continued support for their community despite physical limitations.


Open Hands Atlanta had outgrown it’s patchwork solution

The non-profit aimed to enhance reach, streamline invoicing, and improve access for clients while measuring outcomes effectively.

In 2018, Open Hands Atlanta sought a telehealth platform to solve challenges that had arisen with their growth. They wanted to expand services virtually to allow them to reach remote areas efficiently. Open Hands Atlanta was also relying on Excel spreadsheets for invoice tracking, which had become an arduous activity. With clients accessing multiple programs, Open Hands Atlanta also wanted a system that was easy for its clients to access. Additionally, measuring outcomes posed a challenge, highlighting the need for a comprehensive technology partner to address their diverse needs effectively.


Open Hands Atlanta leverages Healthie solution to transform nutrition education

Healthie's versatile tools allow Open Hands Atlanta to facilitate client access, streamline invoicing, and enhance financial oversight.

Adapting Healthie revolutionized Open Hands Atlanta's approach to nutrition education by offering versatile methods such as recordings, live sessions, and class series. Providers now effortlessly generate invoices, automatically sending them to clients for electronic payments. Detailed reporting features enable the accounting team to monitor the organization's financial health closely. Through the secure Client Portal, members enjoy seamless access to their accounts from any device with a single login. Pre- and post-surveys within research studies and programs enable comprehensive assessment of knowledge and behavior change, further enhancing the effectiveness of Open Hands Atlanta's initiatives.

"Once COVID hit, we went straight to development with our online nutrition programs. What we’ve managed to develop is above and beyond what we’ve imagined we could do."
Laura Samnadda MS, RD, LDN
Laura Samnadda MS, RD, LDN
Director of Nutrition Services
A person giving a food-filled paper bag to another person, symbolizing an act of kindness and sharing.

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