Pacific Nutrition Care Partners connect multi-office practice with Healthie

Pacific Nutrition Care Partners successfully addressed operational challenges by adopting Healthie, a comprehensive EHR and practice management solution. By leveraging Healthie's Group Practice plan, they streamlined collaboration among six dietitians across multiple locations, achieving cost savings and enhanced communication. The incorporation of Healthie's mobile app further bolstered client engagement, resulting in improved health outcomes. Overall, Healthie played a crucial role in transforming Pacific Nutrition Care Partners' practice efficiency and sustainability.

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Transforming Practice Efficiency with Healthie

Realizing tangible improvements in scheduling, client engagement, and operational scalability since implementing Healthie.

 Since adopting Healthie, Pacific Nutrition Care Partners has experienced tangible improvements in practice efficiency and client engagement. With shared organizational calendars and seamless communication tools, practitioners have optimized scheduling and internal coordination, freeing up valuable time for client care. The integration of Healthie's client mobile app has transformed the client experience, allowing for convenient food and lifestyle logging, secure messaging, and telehealth sessions on the go.

Furthermore, the scalability of Healthie's practice management features has facilitated seamless growth for Pacific Nutrition Care Partners, empowering the organization to expand its services while maintaining operational efficiency. Overall, Healthie's tailored solutions have played a pivotal role in enhancing the success and sustainability of Pacific Nutrition Partners' practice.


Pacific Nutrition Care Partners quickly recognized the limitations of many EHRs and practice management solutions

Pacific Nutrition Care Partners faced hurdles from inception as they prepared to launch their multi-office practice.

Pacific Nutrition Partners faced several challenges as they established their practice as a legal entity. They encountered difficulty in enabling six different dietitians, situated across multiple office locations, to operate cohesively as a unified business team. Analyzing their business plan highlighted the necessity for a solution capable of managing the daily tasks of their practice, including scheduling, billing, charting, and client communication. Recognizing the need for HIPAA compliance and effective client communication, they sought a service that could provide comprehensive support.


Unlocking Practice Efficiency with Healthie

Seamless integration of tools, cost savings, and enhanced communication streamline operations for Pacific Nutrition Care Partners.

Healthie's Group Practice plan proved instrumental in overcoming the challenges faced by Pacific Nutrition Partners. By offering a comprehensive suite of features tailored to multi-provider practices, Healthie facilitated a seamless launch for the group. Shared resources within the platform ensured practitioners had access to intake forms, charting notes, and educational materials, streamlining collaboration across the organization.

Moreover, the consolidation of tools into one platform translated into cost savings, with Pacific Nutrition Partners benefiting from a single monthly expense. The cloud-based accessibility of Healthie allowed practitioners to manage their practice from any device, ensuring efficient communication and coordination across multiple locations. Additionally, the Healthie platform provided an ideal method of communication between practitioners, allowing discussions that could otherwise be spread across text, email, and other mediums to stay in one place.

"It was when we were writing our business plan that we truly assessed all of our needs: we need to be HIPPA compliant, we need to communicate with our clients, we need scheduling, billing and we need to provide superbills. We needed a service that provided all of this, which is when we realized the value of Healthie."
Esther Schultz MS, RD
Esther Schultz MS, RD
A beautiful sunset over a calm ocean with vibrant orange and pink hues reflecting on the water.

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