Case Study

Weis Markets Case Study

Mid-Atlantic, USA
Private Practice & Coaching

Build relationships with Shoppers and Offer Virtual Consults with In-Store Dietitians and Pharmacists

Weis Markets’ expert team of Dietitians is available to help shoppers with a variety of health and wellness needs. Whether it’s in-store shopping best practices, offering grocery store tours, or delivering access to a credible nutrition expert to manage health conditions, Weis Market dietitians are able to help. Weis Markets offers services for free or for a nominal fee to help their communities with group programs, classes, and more. Prior to Healthie, Weis markets was offering in-store services, and with Healthie, Weis Markets has been able to deliver a comprehensive virtual experience, expand the geographic reach they serve, and launch new programs for shoppers.

With Healthie, Weis Markets has been able to seamlessly transition to offering a combination of virtual and in-person services, has increased the digital footprint of their nutrition services, and has expanded offerings to cover a variety of health conditions and nutritional topics. These programs include: Type II Diabetes, High Blood Pressure / Cholesterol, Celiac Disease, Weight Control, Mindful Eating, Shopping and Cooking on a Budget, Kid-Friendly Recipes, Plant-Based Cooking, Basic Cooking Skills, and more. 

With Healthie, Weis has seen:

  • An increase in redemptions of coupons and gift cards following webinars and programming
  • Larger attendance (and geographic reach) of events offered, plus a reduction in "no-shows"
  • An ability to electronically give coupons, recipes, and other resources to shoppers
  • New opportunities for media and brand work through Healthie's Programs and Webinars

Learn how Weis Markets offers virtual nutrition services to connect with shoppers, help shoppers manage new or existing health conditions, and increase nutrition education in the community, with the support of Healthie’s telehealth and client engagement software.

“We are so pleased to share this unique tool with our shoppers to allow them to safely and conveniently connect with a member of the dietitian team to address any number of their needs, from education on a diabetes eating pattern to recipe suggestions with basic pantry staples.”

Beth Stark RDN, LDN

Nutrition & Lifestyle Initiatives Manager, Weis Markets

Why Weis Markets Uses Healthie

Offer virtual counseling services

Before Healthie, Weis Markets was delivering in-person services with their team of on-site dietitians. With Healthie, Weis Markets is able to deliver programs online, offer free and low-cost webinars to members, and track attendance and outcomes too

Deliver Programs online

With Healthie’s Programs tool, Weis Nutrition and Wellness Team delivers Programs including Type II Diabetes, High Blood Pressure, Celiac, Weight Control, Mindful Eating, Kid-Friendly Recipes, and more.

Track and Increase ROI of Nutrition Programming

Leveraging Healthie’s Reports Tool, Weis Markets' Management Team is able to quickly view metrics on Attendance of Programs, Participant Satisfaction, and Client Outcomes.

Connect with Website and Social Media

The Dietitian team is able to link Healthie’s booking and package links with their website and social media, to provide a seamless, coordinated experience as shoppers sign up for events.

Increase Shopper - Dietitian Relationships

Shoppers are able to view program materials, chat with a dietitian, and learn about products and additional services with Healthie’s online suite of tools, bolstering long-term engagement and relationships.

Weis Markets’ Favorite Healthie Features


Customizable calendar that can be shared across providers. Save time with automated appointment confirmation and reminders. Make client scheduling simple, with online appointment booking.

Online Programs

Healthie enables organizations to create open-enrollment and fixed-date programs, automatically distributing program content to enrolled participants. Expand community reach with.


HIPAA-compliant telehealth capabilities for individual and group video sessions, as well as the ability to host webinars. Engage with clients & shoppers in a way that is convenient and flexible, reaching clients wherever they are.

Website Integration

Add Healthie calendar booking links to your website & social media pages. Embed clients packages and programs, for clients to purchase and enroll in services online.

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Build on modern infrastructure for virtual-first care.

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