Wellinks selects Healthie to Integrate with Proprietary Caretech Platform

After considering an in-house build of a custom solution, Wellinks chose Healthie’s robust infrastructure as they prepared for hyper-growth

Developer Cost Saved
31 Days
Time to Go Live
Company Profile
New Haven, CT
Time to Go Live
31 Time to Go Live
Capital Raised
Patient Population Served
COPD and Concomitant Conditions

Wellinks needed an API-first platform to support their hypergrowth

Previous solution could not connect into the Wellinks proprietary patient app

Wellinks was looking for an EMR that included both API-first capabilities and a staff-friendly out-of-the-box interface. They wanted to focus on developing the patient interface and needed a coach interface that could integrate and create a seamless user experience. Their previous EMR was limited and could not integrate with the Wellinks patient app, and their growing team was spending hours on manual activities that were not sustainable.


Wellinks Loves Using Healthie to Provide Personalized Care

Company leverages Healthie’s clinician portal and suite of integrations for a modern care delivery solution

Wellinks migrated their entire clinical coaching operations to the Healthie platform, and have been able to directly link their member mobile app with the Healthie API. They chose Healthie because of the flexibility it afforded the product team and the speed to market with which they’ve been able to launch, and now rapidly scale.

“It’s been incredible to customize the Healthie foundation to allow us to provide our clients with better personalization of care. As one example, during our intake process we are able to ask detailed socioeconomic, medical, and detailed history which is then integrated into our proprietary approach to risk stratification; the powerhouse behind that is the Healthie platform!”

Using Healthie, Wellinks avoided reinventing the wheel, and instead prioritized development resources towards the differentiators that make their product and company unique: member experience and clinical outcomes. This has enabled them to provide their clients with better personalization of care which ultimately results in higher member satisfaction.

“We love Healthie’s focus on integrations with other tools that we use - they help us diligence some of our integration requirements, and as a result we do not need to deploy our engineering resources there; we can avoid building up  technical debt on custom integrations and instead just plug in with Healthie’s partners.”

Geoff Matous

President & Chief Commercial Officer

“Healthie has been a game-changer for us. Our CPO, Ellen, and her team did the research, and Healthie’s platform was the easiest and fastest to work with, saving us months — if not years — of engineering time. This has enabled us to focus on responding to the needs of our customers and what makes Wellinks unique. Best of all, they’ve been incredible partners to us, a true extension of our team.”

Key Results

Healthie has quickly become the backbone of Wellinks’ virtual care platform

Wellinks is able to focus on delivering great patient care and clinical outcomes.

Wellinks considered building an EMR and engagement platform in-house, but quickly realized the benefits of speed to market, re-prioritized engineering resources, and Healthie’s Day 1 focus on longitudinal care would mean they didn’t need to reinvent the wheel.

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