Kaia Leverages Healthie Platform and API for Clinician Tooling & Client Engagement

Kaia needed an API-first clinician portal. The team was piecing together solutions and needed a scalable, streamlined platform, and did not want to spend over a year building. Since launching with Healthie’s branded platform and leveraging Healthie's Robust API Kaia has seen immediate ROI and improved member experience.

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Kaia Launches With Healthie In 2 Weeks

A quick launch with Healthie allows Kaia to shave off a year worth of tech debt

“The ROI of Healthie is Huge! We’ve shaved at least a year off of the tech debt that we would have accumulated, and on top of that we’ve been able to secure new deals because of the features and engagement experience we’ve been able to offer our customers. 

We were able to go live with Healthie in under 2 weeks, as we got the initial pieces implemented very quickly. Since then, we’ve been flying the plane while building, and it’s been great to see our teams continue to leverage the expanding capabilities of the platform.”


Kaia Needed An API-First Solution That Could Integrate With Existing Product

Traditional EMR platforms did not mirror Kaia’s philosophy of innovation

Kaia was looking for a platform that could integrate into their native product that met the rigorous security and compliance standards that their customers require (HIPAA and SOC-2 compliances). Additionally, they needed a product that would work globally. The team vetted many platforms, and considered piece-mealing several solutions, leveraging PT specific practice management platforms, and customer support tools. Ultimately, Healthie was selected over EMR platforms like Kareo because of the focus on innovation. 

“Traditional EMRs didn’t fit with where we wanted to be in the market. We don’t just want to be providing healthcare as it works today, as it’s very broken. Kaia is on a mission to figure out how to provide care and provide engagement. We are building long term, personal connections between providers and our members, and the communication and engagement features that Healthie offers really drew us in.” 

“We looked far and wide at various solutions, and realized time and again that we circled back to Healthie as it could provide us with that centralized solution. I’ve been a Healthie fan for a very long time. Love love love the product. I’ve worked in a lot clinical platforms and it has been wonderful to see the evolution of it.”


Kaia Levels Up With Healthie

Adapting the Healthie API streamlines both internal processes and client-facing features for Kaia

Kaia was initially drawn to Healthie because it is fully brandable, but one year into their experience with the company, the team really appreciates the API as a way to enhance their member experience and incorporate Healthie features into their client-facing mobile app. 

“Healthie’s API has been magical for our team! We’ve stood up an entire engineering team around Healthie’s API; that is taking Kaia’s existing framework, and Healthie’s framework, and marrying the two so that the systems can work together harmoniously. We’re focusing on the pieces that we had built internally that were pain points for us. For example, implementing Healthie’s Chat into Kaia’s member experience was a huge upgrade in our member experience, as we’ve been able to best support collaborative care teams and have two-way chat.”

“We’ve really been able to level up the Kaia member experience leveraging Healthie’s APIs. Another example is the scheduling - we’re able to offer physical therapists and coaches in a way that is organized and streamlined. Additionally, Healthie’s sub-orgs feature has been amazing to support our large-scale customers, many of whom come to Kaia with their own PTs and coaches.” 

“Our engineering team loves the API, and we know that long-term this will help us remove tech-debt. Going forward, the team will continue to leverage many of the partnerships and integrations that we know Healthie is working on.” 

Kaia’s product team also appreciates Healthie’s Public-facing Product Roadmap, which they can check periodically to inform their own roadmap and priorities.

"Kaia’s model is centered around medical innovation and meeting people exactly where they are at. We reach into current gaps in the healthcare system to build beautiful healthcare experiences for our customers. Leveraging Healthie, we’ve been able to empower our engineering and product teams to focus on what makes Kaia unique."
Brittanie Kraft
Brittanie Kraft
Director of Operations
A man performing yoga poses in a well-lit living room, focusing on his breathing and relaxation.

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