Top 7 Benefits of Mobile EHR Software

Looking into mobile EHR software for your practice? Discover the benefits of EHR systems with Healthie’s comprehensive & easy to use EHR app.

What Are EHR Applications?

Mobile electronic health records or mobile EHR apps make patient data accessible from a smartphone. Providers have access to patient medical history, lab results, medications, chats with patients, and more. One of the biggest benefits of EHR systems is that they store information in the cloud and offer high-speed access to important records. 

How Can Mobile Apps Help Provide More Efficient Health Care? 

Physicians need to be prepared for the unexpected. A practitioner can receive a call regarding a patient's health at any time of the day. If the physician is not in the office, they will not have access to patient records that are needed to make critical decisions. 

An EHR app makes patient data accessible anywhere at any time, giving practitioners access to valuable information needed to make critical decisions. Many physicians refer to their smartphones in the office as it gives them the on the go access. Mobile EHR apps also assist in the coordination of care. Specialists can readily access valuable information from other departments. This cross-departmental access facilitates a collaborative environment, ensuring the patient receives the highest level of care. 

Why Do I Need Mobile EHR?

Smartphones have become cemented in our culture. Mobile Electronic Health Record apps allow providers to document, maintain, and exchange patient data. They offer accessibility while maintaining security. 

Providers rely on mobile EHR software in emergency situations. When a patient requires critical care, practitioners may require immediate access to patient information. Mobile EHR makes decision-making possible and ensures the patient receives the highest quality of care. 

What are the benefits of EHR apps?

Mobile EHR software is quickly becoming essential technology in practice management. Learn what benefits mobile EHR apps have to offer.

  1. Accurate Patient Data: Patient data is updated in real-time. This is vital when a patient is in a critical situation and receiving care from multiple specialists. Mobile EHR software ensures the provider always has the most current information.
  2. Patient Notifications and Health Updates: Many EHR apps allow patients to enable push notifications. Patients can review lab tests or imaging as soon as the results are live. 
  3. Open Communication: One key benefit of EHR systems is that patients and providers have a centralized location to discuss health priorities. Patients no longer need to wait until the weekend is over to call the office for support. Patients can send HIPAA compliant messages to providers through the portal. 
  4. Telehealth: Throughout the pandemic, telehealth proved to be a valuable tool in managing patient care. Post-pandemic providers and patients still prefer telehealth technology. In many cases it allows the patient and provider to discuss important health information sooner than expected. 
  5. Efficient Billing: With mobile EHR software, providers can collect payment at the time of the appointment. At-time-of-service payment improves medical billing and reduces the reimbursement process. Collecting payment also ensures consistent revenue generation for the provider. 
  6. Accessible Patient Profile: Patient contact information, insurance details, and more are stored within the platform. Mobile EHR increases the visibility of this information to both patient and the provider. Historically this visibility prompts patients to make updates to the information in the portal as soon as information such as an address, contact, or insurance information changes. 
  7. Streamline Administration Tasks: Mobile Electronic Health Records  software automates complicated operational processes. This automation frees up valuable time for your office staff, allowing your practice to focus on the quality of patient care. 

Are  Mobile EHR Apps HIPAA Compliant?

HIPAA allows healthcare providers and business associates to utilize smartphones to access protected health information or PHI. The practitioner can access PHI from the cloud as long as they are in a setting that protects patient confidentiality and ensures patient data will not be compromised. Apps designed for mobile devices must have the same security measure in place to access EHR. 

What is the Best Mobile EHR Software?

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