Nutrition & Wellness Blog Post Ideas

Explore five nutrition blog post ideas for your business. Try these wellness blog topics to establish your authority as a nutritionist.

As a nutrition expert, you have the education, knowledge, and experience to provide your online community with valuable information. Blogging is a great way to spread accurate nutrition information to the masses.

Even more, blogging can help you grow your business. It is the perfect vehicle to continually provide valuable content to your current and prospective clients. Plus, blogging adds more pages to your website, helping out your SEO. If you’re a wellness professional looking to scale your business, click here to learn how Healthie’s practice management software can help grow your practice and clientele, all for $0 with our free starter plan.

Plus, outside of helping your clients, blogging can be a great way to keep yourself actively engaged in the latest health and nutrition news and research.

But we know that keeping an active blog is not easy. It means posting consistently and creating new content often. That may mean once a day or once a week. No matter how frequently you post, blogging takes time and energy. And we don’t know about you, but the hardest part can be consistently coming up with what to write! Today, we’re going to take the trouble out of blogging and give you a few ideas to keep you writing!

Nutrition Blog Prompts for Registered Dietitians

Nutrition Blogging Prompts

1. Introduce (or reintroduce) yourself to your followers

Whether you’re just starting out on your blog or you’ve been blogging for a long time, it is always a great idea to write a post on yourself! Tell them who you are, what you’re doing with your practice, and share your approach to food.

2. Share your latest recipe

If you have a few go-to recipes you make all the time, write up the recipes, snap a few pictures, and press publish! Anything you’ve created, here’s your chance to take pride in it.

3. What’s your go-to healthy swap?

Think about any health-conscious swaps you make to recipes or even little additions you add to pack in a little extra fruits or vegetables to your diet. Swaps, additions, or even just little health habit tips make great posts.

4. Share your opinion

Your blog doesn’t have to become an op-ed, but sharing your opinion on trendy health crazes and nutrition-related news stories based on your experience and expertise is a great way to establish yourself as a nutrition expert.

Discussing timely topics, and sharing your opinion, can attract readers looking for more information, who can potentially become clients too.

5. Recommend your favorites

Share the things you love and the products you use on your blog. This might be a little thing, but clients and potential clients love it. It also makes for a quick and easy post.

If you’re interested in using your blog as a way to connect with health-conscious individuals in your region, consider including region-specific health tips! For instance, feature a café nearby with some great healthy options.

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