How Baraka Wellness Helps Healthcare Disparities

Learn how Baraka Community Wellness fights healthcare disparaities. Find out how Healthie helps them find non-profit wellness solutions.

 March 28, New York – Healthie is thrilled to announce our newest partnership with Baraka Community Wellness, a Boston-based non-profit organization that offers wellness solutions to at-risk individuals. Healthie joins a growing list of partners for Baraka, whose services are supported by institutions including American Heart Association, Harvard Pilgrim Healthcare Foundation, and the Brigham and Women’s Hospital, among others.

Baraka’s social mission, to “provide wellness solutions for at-risk individuals and communities that engage, educate, and empower to close the gap of health disparities and reduce healthcare costs,” presents a unique opportunity for Healthie to use cutting edge technology to address health disparities.

On the partnership, Raheem Baraka, executive director at Baraka, stated “We believe everyone should have access to high quality wellness opportunities. Today we took a deep dive into our new health coaching and nutrition platform with our new partners Healthie to help support our program delivery to all. We look forward to utilizing Healthie at the core of our engagement in the community.”

Dietitians, clinical nutrition staff, and social workers at Baraka will utilize Healthie’s telehealth platform in a number of their initiatives to provide direct one-on-one counseling. Baraka programs like Healthy Moms, Healthy Kids, CommunityRx, EmployeeRx, and SeniorRx strengthen and enhance community engagement with wellness by delivering care through community centers, employee health, and assisted living facilities. Augmenting these programs with telehealth increases convenience for patients, and allows providers and patients to stay in contact between visits with instant messaging tools.

Erica Jain, CEO of Healthie, says “we are thrilled to have the opportunity to help Baraka’s team achieve their critical social mission of reducing barriers for access to care, and increasing support and accountability for patients embracing lifestyle modification through our telehealth platform. The close alignment and social responsibility of both organizations led to a natural fit and we are very excited to make a difference together to enhance wellness at the community and individual levels.”

Healthie’s HIPAA-compliant telehealth platform offers many unique advantages for wellness and preventive providers. Providers and patients are able to utilize features such as video consultations, visual diet logging, goal setting, documentation, and an educational portal to create custom plans and focus on diet and lifestyle modification. Patients are able to use a mobile application to log pictures of their food intake, workouts, and custom tracked metrics to give providers easy access to valuable data and trends.

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