How Healthcare Is Changing Nutritional Care

Learn how recent advances in technology and healthcare is changing nutritional care. Learn how Healthie can help your business acclimate.

This week, major drugstore retailer CVS agreed to buy major health insurer Aetna, in one of the largest transactions of 2017. Health care experts say that this acquisition could reshape the already-evolving healthcare industry in America.

As healthcare legislation continues to change, many Americans are at the edge of their seats waiting to see what new regulations may mean for their families. This acquisition is another example of how the healthcare industry is changing:

1. Care in Nontraditional Locations

It’s becoming increasingly common to provide healthcare services in nontraditional locations – like pharmacies, grocery stores, fitness centers, and more. Healthie is excited to be able to power this kind of location-agnostic care.

With the majority of Americans overweight or obese, dealing with a myriad of nutrition-related chronic diseases, accessible nutritional care is a must. Being able to intervene at locations most convenient, such as drugstores and supermarkets, promotes better food choices, educates consumers, contributes to reduced rates of chronic diseases, and benefits the retail industry.

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2. Consolidation of Services

Both practitioners and clients use many different services and tools. Unfortunately, it’s very easy to get lost in them. Having your data carry over seamlessly from doctor’s office to pharmacy is critical, to ensure high-quality care.

Healthie is excited to be the vehicle to provide seamless care. Nutrition practitioners can stay in close communication with referring physicians, with all records in one place, so no important communication is missed.

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3. Increase of Preventative Care

Many analyses of the deal suggest that the goal is to move routine care away from hospitals, into pharmacies. The idea is that this can reduce wait times and costs, while increasing access for clients. This change will hopefully encourage the shift of health care from treatment to prevention, to reduce overall healthcare costs.

Healthie believes that nutrition and wellness professionals provide critical preventative care. Increasing access to nutritional care is an essential step in the right direction.

We’re excited to power the kind of transformations coming to the healthcare industry. For more information about how Healthie can help your retail location, contact us today, or sign up for our free Starter Plan!

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