Best Psychiatry EHR in 2023

Looking into psychiatry EHR software for your growing practice? Learn how to choose the best EHR for psychiatry practice with Healthie.

Choosing the Best EHR for your Growing Psychiatry Practice

As the demand for mental health treatment increases year-over-year, it is fueling the growth of psychiatry, both in-person and virtual. With many new platforms and providers entering the market to meet this increased demand, they are using advanced technology to strengthen their positions among the competition and attract more patients. 

While psychiatry was traditionally associated with tufted leather couches and ticking metronomes, the sharp rise in telepsychiatry demonstrates the importance of accessibility. Through online solutions such as video chat and e-prescriptions, providers can overcome both distance and circumstance to build long-term, meaningful relationships with patients. 

The benefits of adapting technological solutions into a psychiatry practice are two-pronged. For the provider, a digital psychiatry EHR and practice management solution can streamline day-to-day tasks, allowing more time for patient care and creating an elevated patient experience. For patients, features such as online chat and scheduling can reduce the barriers to care which can otherwise result in inconsistent attendance and poor accountability. 

What is Mental Health EHR/EMR?

While adapting a psychiatry EHR and platform can seem like a daunting task, the first step is to find the EHR (electronic health record) system that will meet your needs. The best EHR for psychiatry practice will do more than empty your filing cabinets. A high-quality EHR tool will allow for clear organization of a patient’s session notes, medical history, insurance, prescriptions, and more, for you to access with a just few clicks. In addition to having a holistic view of your patient’s records, an EHR and practice management solution can make activities such as onboarding and billing automated and painless. 

How Do I Choose the Best  EMR for my Psychiatry Practice?


Whether you are in search of the best EHR for a small psychiatry practice or a growing digital health platform, safeguarding your patients’ PHI is critical. Check for certifications that demonstrate the solution’s dedication to security. The requirements to achieve such certifications typically necessitate that policies and procedures be in place to ensure ongoing security monitoring and vulnerability testing that are also audited by a third party. Some well-respected certifications when it comes to psychiatry EMR systems  include:

  • SOC 2 Type-2 
  • PCI


Once you’ve found solutions that meet your security needs, consider how certain features would improve your practice. To cut back on administrative work, providing patients with elegant means of communication (such as secure messaging and online scheduling) can reduce the time spent on the phone, but also be easily tagged to patients’ records. If you often consult with fellow providers in your practice, features such as in-app charting allow for instant and secure sharing of patient notes that were taken in real-time – no need for transcribing. Some sought-after features include:

  • EHR: A flexible EHR for psychiatry will streamline onboarding and charting as you can build your own intake forms and charting templates.
  • Scheduling: Whether a sole practitioner or a multi-provider practice, a modern EHR and practice management software can automate scheduling by taking into account different types of insurance, care, and schedules.
  • Billing: A solution that directly links the provider’s documentation with the patient’s insurance information allows for quick billing for both insurance and self-pay options.
  • E-Rx: Electronically order prescriptions within the practice management system, easily linking the Rx to the patient records.
  • Video Calls: Having an integrated video chat will automatically generate links for sessions so that you can reach clients wherever they are. 
  • Care Teams: Build your care team by adding support staff, billers, schedulers, and other care providers to your platform for coordinated care.


In addition, there are a select few psychiatrist practice management softwares that have API capabilities. An API, or Application Programming Interface, can connect your new psychiatry EHR software and platform to solutions you already use, such as your payment processing system or video chat provider. 

However not all APIs are created equal - look for the psychiatrist practice management software  that can provide the connections you need to make the transition to your new solution as easy as possible. 

Healthie, the Chosen EHR for Psychiatry

Healthie is a modern EHR, Scheduling, and Patient Engagement platform for care providers. Healthie’s psychiatrist practice management software is packed with features that make it the best EHR for psychiatry. Both HIPAA and SOC 2 Type 2-compliant, Healthie is a digital solution that is built to scale with your business. Healthie provides its users with dynamic features and integrations  that empower its practitioners to build longitudinal relationships with patients. Some benefits of Healthie include:

  • Consolidating Tooling - Healthie offers integrations with tools you use, such as Stripe, Zoom, personal calendars, Fullscript, Office Ally, E-Prescribing, E-Fax, and more. The Healthie offers unlimited connectivity through one secure login. See our full marketplace offering here
  • Reporting - Track your business growth & performance with detailed reporting and analytics generated by the Healthie platform. Healthie will measure key performance indicators such as patient retention, financials, provider efficiency, and program outcomes.
  • Patient Engagement - with an intuitive mobile app, patients can easily stay in touch via video chat and in-app messaging. Additionally, Healthie users have the ability to build out a library of articles and programs for their patients to access. 
  • Less Admin - Automating back office activities allows your practice to run leaner and instead focus valuable resources on providing optimal patient care.

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