Choosing the Best EHR for Mental Health Private Practice

Interested in EHR systems for mental health providers? Learn what to look out for when choosing the best EHR for mental health private practice.

Is Telehealth Effective for Mental Health?

More than 50% of adults will be diagnosed with a mental health illness or mental health disorder in their lifetime. In today’s society, mental healthcare is not only necessary but growing. With mental health complications affecting over half of Americans, EHR systems for mental health are in demand. The best EHR systems for mental health providers increase the effectiveness of patient care treatment plans and ensure mental health professionals have access to patient data when they need it most. 

Why Is EHR Important in Mental Health?

Electronic health records otherwise known as EHR are key components of modern healthcare. EHR allows for the HIPAA-compliant electronic transfer of patient's medical data. This electronic transfer ensures patients receive the care they need when they need it most. 


Mental health facilities have different set of regulations to follow when storing patient data. As a result of these strict regulations, some mental health facilities are reluctant to make a change in their current record-keeping, even if it may benefit the patient. 

Choosing the best EHR for mental health also provides an extra layer of security to patient record keeping. Once a provider creates a document it is filed with the specific classification and code, ensuring the document is only available to those with appropriate access. This strict access policy prevents unwanted viewers from accessing a patient's medical history.

Document Sharing

Document sharing between multiple specialists can be cumbersome. Departments often need physical copies of patient disks and medical reports. An EHR system allows clinicians to easily communicate with each other, granting electronic access to reports on an as-needed basis. 


EHR streamlines billing. Electronic billing increases office efficiency and accuracy. The use of these systems saves providers time and money. 

Patient Friendly

EHR platforms also provide a direct benefit to clients. Many EHR platforms offer telehealth making mental health accessible and approachable. In many cases, telehealth has led patients to seek treatment, when they otherwise may not have. Patients report telehealth appointments to save the time of having to drive to a provider's office, making them more likely to seek treatment. 

EHR can be accessed anytime at any place. When a life-threatening emergency situation occurs, medical professionals are quickly able to gain access to patient data. This electronic access provides the information necessary to make critical life-saving decisions.

What Is the Best EHR for a Small Mental Health Practice? 

Review our comprehensive list of the 6 best EHR systems for mental health providers. 

  1. Healthie is an all-in-one practice management platform designed to help mental health professionals make the most of their virtual-first behavioral health practice. Therapists, psychiatrists, and behavioral health care teams use Healthie’s EHR and client engagement platform to establish long-term client relationships through modern mental health telemedicine experiences. 

With Healthie practitioners can 

  • Scale clinical operations - leverages Healthie’s business tools to collaborate with care on your team 
  • Drive New Business - match prospective clients with the right provider by building customized onboarding and booking experiences
  • Improve Outcomes - provide ongoing support, real-time feedback, and accountability to aid in client care

All of this and more makes Healthie one of the best EHR systems for behavioral health.

Try Healthie risk-free today by signing up for our free Starter Plan.

  1. Athena One provides cloud-based services for electronic health records, revenue cycle management, care coordination and more. Athena’s home page grants users the ability to review their daily schedules and patient information, making it one of the best EHR for small mental health practice. 
  1. Kareo Billing provides web-based billing and practice management  systems. Kareo allows medical office staff to enter patient insurance cliams immediately  following an appointment . The platform also has an easy to use scheduling system that sends patient reminders. 
  1. Harmony Medical is an integrated solution that offers a variety of functionality. Harmoney Medical platform  includes EMR, practice management  solutions and billing services. 
  1. CharmHealth is a cloud-based EHR for mental health practice  management. Their system is available  to both solo practitioners  and large-multi-specialty groups. The UI brings efficiency to workflows and is simple and easy to use.
  1. Waystar is one of the best EHR for mental health solo practice. This cloud-based revenue cycle management system is used by a variety of organizations. Waystar helps manage administrative and clinical operations including insurance verification, coverage detection, and claims management. 

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