Benefits Of A Free Patient Management Software

Free patient management software may be the best way to grow your practice at a low cost. Discover what features you'll need with Healthie.

Choosing a patient management software for your new healthcare business can be a tough decision. Most platforms come with a variety of features, at differing price points. You might be tempted by free patient management software, but also wondering if it will meet security requirements or have all the functionality you need. Luckily, reliable free medical practice management software is much easier to find than you might think. In the early stages of your business, a free plan could be the perfect way to support your growth while keeping costs low. Whether your practice is large and well established, or a digital health startup, Healthie’s management software can work for you. To set up a free Starter account to test out these features, click here.

Who would benefit from free patient management software?

Many emerging healthcare entrepreneurs find that it’s best to start with free software for patient record keeping. This will help them manage a small number of patients, and then upgrade to a paid plan as they need. Launching a wellness practice can be expensive - there are overhead costs associated with an in-person practice such as an office lease, insurance, and utilities. Even if you run a virtual practice, there are still investments to make, such as creating a website and hiring a business attorney to set up your paperwork. 

The last thing you need is to be spending money on a pricey practice management system , particularly if it’s too advanced for what you really need. For instance, you probably don’t need to be able to manage unlimited clients at this early stage, and most small businesses can get by without SMS appointment cancellations. However, if you choose a free patient management software plan from a provider that offers paid plans, it makes it easy for the system to grow alongside your business.

Benefits of Healthie’s free plan

Healthie is an all-in-one practice management system , offering modern record keeping, billing, client engagement, and more. Healthie’s free plan makes it easy for entrepreneurs to access high quality software for patient management, without breaking the bank. To sign up and start exploring our most sought after features for free, click here! Here are some of the best features of the free plan.

Cloud-based record keeping

You may feel apprehensive about free software for patient record keeping, and may doubt how secure it truly is. Healthie’s record keeping system is completely cloud-based, which makes it easy to access your clients’ data on any device, at any time. If a patient messages you while you’re at home, you can simply check their records right from Healthie’s iOS or Android mobile app, and send an informed reply. 

Even on a free patient management software plan, you have access to unlimited document storage. All your business and client data is stored on top grade servers, so you can feel confident that your records maintain total PCI and HIPAA compliance.

Comprehensive patient management software

There are so many crucial aspects of patient management for healthcare providers to stay on top of. There’s intake paperwork, updating patient records, creating care plans, and so much more. It’s all too easy to forget to do little tasks like rescheduling a client’s appointment.

With Healthie’s patient management system, every step of your clients’ experience is made as easy as possible. Intake forms are completely paperless, and simplified with templates and prefilling. Clients can schedule appointments online, receive automatic appointment reminders by SMS or email, and securely message you via the client engagement portal. Automation takes the guesswork and human error out of patient management, making life easier for you and your clients.

Telehealth functionality

Healthcare is becoming increasingly digital, so being able to offer telehealth services is vital for your business’s success. Through the secure client portal, you can host high quality one on one video calls that maintain complete HIPAA compliance. These can be recorded, and uploaded to the portal for your clients to watch later.

You can also message clients and share useful resources with them, such as handouts and videos. Clients can use the journaling functionality to record food intake and workouts, set goals, and track their metrics for you to review. 

Payment made easy

You’ve likely heard it before: “cash flow is king”. This is particularly true when your business is in its early stages, so getting paid should be as simple as possible. Healthie’s free medical practice management software plan makes it easy to create invoices and superbills for your clients. You can also receive payment via direct bank transfer or by card, via integration with Stripe. 


If you start with free practice management software that doesn’t also offer paid plans with more advanced features, eventually you’ll need to migrate all your data to a new system. When you’re busy running your business, making the switch can be a real headache. However, Healthie offers a range of plans, so that you can easily upgrade to a paid version as your practice grows, with no need to re-enter any data. To sign up for our Free Starter Plan today, click here!

Healthie’s free plan is perfect for entrepreneurs looking to launch and scale their healthcare business. Try it yourself!

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Use a platform that automates the administrative, so you can focus on growth and care.

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Make more time to grow your business

Use a platform that automates the administrative, so you can focus on growth and care.

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