Benefits of Business Process Automation Software

Discover the benefits of business process automation software solutions. Learn how to automate your wellness business with Healthie.

As a wellness entrepreneur, you are responsible for balancing both client-facing responsibilities, as well as the back office requirements of running a business.  However, you are first and foremost a healthcare provider, meaning the focus of your work should be improving the health and wellness outcomes of your clients.  Time spent on administrative tasks is time taken away from meeting, engaging, and supporting clients every day; research estimates employees spend 69 days per year on administrative tasks, days that could be reallocated to client care time.  

Business process automation software has the potential to increase productivity, save money, and significantly reduce the time spent on day-to-day office tasks.  Read on to learn more about what business process automation tools for wellness business entails and how to incorporate it into your own wellness business. To learn how you can try out all of our most sought-after features with none of the risks, click here.

What is Business Process Automation Software?

Business process automation solutions require leveraging technology to handle recurring tasks, in place of manually completing them.  Having an automated business system for administrative tasks allows you to spend more time working with clients, instead of spending large amounts of time on menial tasks that could be completed by your practice management system.

It’s important to understand that not every workflow or task can be automated, however.  When identifying the processes to automate, they should be repetitive in nature and should not require logical thinking.  These tasks are those that require consistency across your organization and are error-free  always.  

What Are the Types of Business Process Automation?

Some of the tasks included in business process automation include automated order entry, email automation, automated batch processing, automated file transfers and automated report generation and distribution.

What Is the Difference between BPA and RPA?

Robotic process automation (RPA) is a software technology that focuses on automating individual, discrete tasks (clicking, typing, opening applications, etc.). BPA on the other hand, is designed to automate multiple elements of an end-to-end process.


Benefits of Business Process Automation  Software 

✓ Minimize Costs

Research has shown that organizations lose 20-30% of their revenue due to inefficient business workflows; automating these with a workflow process software, therefore, has the potential to improve revenue loss and reduce overall business costs.  First, process automation within your wellness business primarily reduces costs by decreasing the need to pay physical employees to complete tasks.  Automation can help cut down on staffing needs or reduce any overtime spent on completing essential workflows.  

As a practitioner, with less time being spent on administrative tasks, you have more time to dedicate to your clients. A proper business process automation solution  will enable you not only to increase client-facing time, but also to increase your overall client load.  The goal of automating workflows is to reduce time spent on administrative tasks — meaning you will have more availability in your schedule to bring on new clients.  While new clients require time and dedication, they also bring increased revenue to your practice.  

✓ Increase Employee Productivity

Automating tasks through business process automation allows you to streamline your essential business workflows, saving you and your team time and effort.  By implementing task automation, you can reduce the time spent training new providers and support team members on business workflows. They can quickly learn and leverage the automated business system process, instead of taking extra time to master the completion of basic administrative tasks.  Additional team members are meant to support you and help increase your business’ efforts; task automation will optimize your team’s invaluable time.  

Additionally, task-switching accounts for 40% of lost productivity. One of the biggest benefits of business process automation software is that it  has the ability to decrease employee mutli-tasking and allow work to be completed timely and efficiently.  Instead of switching between repetitive and menial tasks, you and your employees can focus on strategic efforts crucial to the operations of your business and your clients.  Automating tasks also removes the possibility of human error; it allows for consistency and error-free completion each time around.  

How to Automate Your Wellness Business

Automated Appointment Reminders

In a wellness practice, a significant amount of time is spent manually calling, emailing, and texting clients to remind and confirm appointments in an effort to avoid no-shows.  Automating this process, through the use of scheduling software that allows you to automate client appointment reminders via text or email, allows you to streamline the booking process.  Employees can focus on other important tasks, while still ensuring clients are properly reminded of their appointments.  

Healthie’s process automation platform helps reduce the administrative time of corporate wellness professionals by over 40%. To set up a free Starter account today, click here.

Electronic Intake Flows

Intake forms are a crucial step in the onboarding process of new clients within your wellness business. They give you the opportunity to collect crucial health information from new clients so you can create a plan for working together. ⁠ However, collecting this information can be time-consuming and takes away from building a relationship when beginning to work with a client.  Automating your intake process, by leveraging a business process automation  platform that will send electronic forms when clients sign up, saves time for both you and your clients.  Clients can easily fill their forms out online, where the information will automatically be loaded into your EHR and ready for use.  

Automed Payments

Automating payments avoids the possibility of you spending time tracking down clients for balances on their account.  It’s crucial to keep a credit card on file for clients, so that payments can be charged automatically at the time of appointment or through a payment plan.  Automatic payments decrease the time reminding clients of overdue charges, as well as ensures constant revenue into your business.

Online Programs

Online programs offer an opportunity to automate an additional revenue stream that will simultaneously support clients without extra effort on your part.  Incorporating a wellness program into your practice is a great way to automate educational materials for current and prospective clients.  Participants in your program have the opportunity to work through modules, videos, and goals on their own, and then come back to you with additional goals to work on together.  Additionally, an online program for clients helps you generate passive income by automating beneficial content for clients to use individually.

What Is the Best Business Process Automation Software? 

Healthie’s practice management and EHR platform features powerful business process automation tools. Moreover, Healthie has a variety of automations already in place to support your wellness business. Healthie’s Telehealth & EHR platform was created with wellness professionals in mind. Click here to learn how you can try it out for $0 with our free starter plan.

  • Online scheduling & automated appointment reminders: Embed your calendar into your website for clients to self-book appointments online. With automated appointment confirmations and automated SMS & email appointment reminders, you’ll increase the number of new sessions and reduce no-show rates.
  • Electronic Intake Flows: Your custom intake flow is automatically sent to clients upon their creation of a Healthie account, for them to complete and sign electronically. Their paperwork is automatically saved within their client profile, for their practitioner to review at any time.  
  • Automated Payments: Create one-time or repeating payments for clients, and build client-packages that can be posted on your website or sent in an email for clients to purchase directly.
  • Smart Tasks (coming soon): A flow of tasks will automatically be triggered after a set event takes place within the platform. Smart Tasks accompanies Healthie’s Task Management feature, which allows you (and other members of your team) to manage administrative tasks.

See how Healthie can help you connect with clients, sell your wellness services, and streamline your business operations. Start your free trial today to discover the best business process automation software.

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