Is At Home Lab Testing Right for Your Practice?

Interested in trying at home lab services? Learn all about the advantages of at home lab testing for providers with Healthie.

At-home lab testing can make a valuable addition to any practice. The convenience and accessibility for patients are unmatched. Often at-home lab testing warrants quicker test results, allowing for a symptom management plan to be formulated faster. At-home lab test kits can provide a cost-effective solution for both the practice and the patient. With the demand for at-home lab services on the rise, it may be time to consider whether at-home lab testing services are right for your practice.

How Do At-Home Lab Tests Work?

At-home lab tests are becoming increasingly popular as they are convenient and cost-effective. Typically, these tests involve saliva or blood samples being sent to a lab for analysis. The test results are made available within a few days or weeks and can be accessed online or via phone. Most tests allow patients to grant their healthcare provider access to their results. 

Today it can be a timely process to find the type of testing needed through your health system and approval for that testing may take even longer. At-home lab tests offer specialty testing that provides helpful insight into rare conditions. In many cases, at- home-lab-testing can be approved by insurance. It is important to note that at-home lab tests are not intended to alone diagnose medical conditions but rather provide information about general health. 

What Are The Advantages of At-Home Lab Testing?

Many patients prefer the convenience of at-home lab tests. These tests allow individuals to avoid the hassle of having to visit a doctor or laboratory to have testing completed. With at-home lab tests, there is no need to coordinate transportation or have to wait for an appointment time, patients can complete their regular testing on time in the convenience of their own homes.

Considering some patients need to have regular testing, at-home lab testing companies providing the option of at-home test kits make managing a chronic condition a little easier. Additionally, some of these tests may be more affordable than traditional lab tests, allowing individuals to save money in the long run. At-home lab tests provide greater privacy and autonomy for individuals, allowing them to conduct their own health assessments without having to disclose personal information.

Are At Home Lab Tests Accurate? 

At-home blood tests can be a convenient way to measure certain biomarkers, such as cholesterol and glucose levels. The reliability of at-home blood test results may depend on how closely the instructions are followed and the quality of the blood sample. It is important to understand that the accuracy of at-home lab test results may vary from those obtained in a laboratory setting. However, with the proper test kit information and through experience patients can achieve accurate results.

Which At-Home Tests Are Most Reliable?

Today, there are a variety of at-home test kits on the market. Some of the best at-home lab test  kits include EverlyWell, Lets Get Checked, and 23andme. Each of these kits provides unique testing options. 

EverlyWell: provides at-home testing specific to both men and women. Some of the most widely used tests include thyroid, hormonal, general wellness, sexual health, weight management, sti/std, and Covid-19 testing. 

LetsGetChecked: provides at-home lab testing with results as quick as 2-5 days. Popular tests include cortisol, diabetes, and hormonal panel testing. 

23andme: at-home tests provide health predisposition testing through DNA analysis. Examples of these test types include anxiety, asthma, gallstones, IBS, high blood pressure, PCOS, skin cancer, and more. 

What are the Types of At-Home Lab Tests

At-home lab tests can be a useful tool for patients and healthcare providers, particularly for those who may have difficulty accessing traditional lab services. While a wide range of at-home lab tests are available, some are more reliable than others. Here are some of the most reliable at-home lab tests:

Blood glucose tests: These tests are used to measure blood sugar levels and are particularly important for individuals with diabetes. There are a variety of at-home blood glucose tests available, including fingerstick tests and continuous glucose monitoring devices.

Lipid panel tests: These tests measure cholesterol and triglyceride levels in the blood, which can help identify individuals at risk for heart disease. At-home lipid panel tests typically require a fingerstick blood sample.

DNA testing: At-home DNA tests can provide information about genetic predispositions to certain diseases, as well as ancestry information. However, it's important to note that the accuracy of these tests can vary widely depending on the specific test and the company providing it.

Thyroid function tests: These tests measure levels of thyroid hormones in the blood and can help diagnose thyroid conditions such as hypothyroidism and hyperthyroidism. At-home thyroid function tests typically require a fingerstick blood sample.

When using at-home lab testing in your small practice, it's important to carefully consider the specific tests you choose and to ensure that they are reliable and accurate. You may also want to consider partnering with a reputable at-home lab testing provider to ensure that your patients receive high-quality testing and results. Additionally, you should make sure to provide appropriate follow-up care and guidance based on the results of any at-home lab tests.

Getting Started with Healthie

Healthie's Digital Marketplace allows you to connect Healthie with all the tools you use to further simplify workflows, drive patient engagement & care, and gain business insights. Our database of apps houses a variety of e-lab testing integrations including: 

Quest: Ques Diagnostics is one of the most trusted and accessible clinical testing services in the United States. Quest makes ordering labs easier for the patient and provider. Patients can schedule lab work directly through the Healthie platform and providers can schedule/retrieve lab work directly from the platform. 

 Change Healthcare: Change Healthcare is a provider of revenue and payment cycle management that connects payers, providers, and patients within the U.S. healthcare system. By integrating change labs with Healthie your business can get lab status updates and results directly in the Healthie platform and have access to a wider array of lab tests including Quest and LabCor.

Evexia: Evexia supports integrative and functional medicine organizations through advanced diagnostic testing, innovative nutraceutical products, and comprehensive practice management solutions. Evexia partners with LabCorp and other specialty lab partners to bring thousands of lab testing options to providers. With Evexia providers can order an existing lab panel, or customize their own panel.

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