5 Benefits of Using a Patient Appointment Reminder Software

Learn why practices benefit from automated appointment reminder software. Discover the best appointment reminder software from Healthie.

Today most practitioners and health coaches have small office staff or even handle scheduling on their own. With patient appointment reminder software, staff can create and easily customize automatic reminder notifications.

What Methods Can Be Used to Remind Patients of Their Appointments?

Automated appointment reminder software can send reminders via SMS text message or through email and are HIPAA compliant. This simple yet effective automation will save you and your office valuable time from calling to confirm patient appointments. 

What is a Patient Appointment Reminder Software?

A patient appointment scheduling and reminder software is a management tool used to maximize healthcare business operations and reduce patient no-shows. Most commonly, patient no-shows occur as a result of the patient forgetting about the appointment, which could have been easily resolved with a reminder. 

Patient no-shows cost your healthcare business valuable time and money. Using an automated appointment reminder software will ensure your office staff has time to manage essential office operations and guarantee your patients are well-informed on their upcoming appointments. 

Benefits of using an Appointment Reminder Software

  1. Decrease appointment no-show rates: Often, missed appointments are a result of the patient forgetting the appointment date. Eliminate this inconvenience for providers and patients by adding the appointment to the patient calendar and following up with a reminder a few days prior. 
  2. Ensure patient timeliness: With a cadence of appointment confirmations and reminders, patients are more likely to attend their appointment at their scheduled time. 
  3. Save administrative time: By utilizing patient appointment reminder software, you can free up time, so office staff can focus on vital office operations. 
  4. Avoid financial losses: Patient no-shows can result in a loss of 14% or more of revenue. These losses can be minimized by automatically reminding patients of upcoming appointments, requiring patient confirmations, and also enforcing a late-cancellation or no-show fee. 
  5. Improve patient satisfaction: No patient wants to miss a valuable appointment and be put back on the waiting list. Save your patient and team the hassle by sending an automated reminder. 

Which Software is the Best for Sending Reminders of Appointments?

Automated patient appointment reminders are sent through email or SMS text message notifications. All reminders should be sent through a HIPAA-compliant platform. Below you’ll find suggestions for the best appointment reminder softwares. 

  1. Healthie

The Healthie platform offers robust scheduling software, containing over 25 customizable appointment settings designed to meet your business needs. Automated appointment confirmation and reminder software ensures patients are aware of their upcoming appointments and reduce no-show rates. Healthie’s scheduling software is intuitive and does not require hours of office staff training. Set a cadence of appointment reminders to send via email and SMS message to ensure appointment reminders are never missed. 

Healthie’s automated appointment reminder service helps providers manage their busy schedules. Patients and providers can view upcoming appointments and even book patients directly from appointment scheduling software. Users can sync their Healthie calendar appointments with their Google, iCal, or Outlook schedules, to view their collective agenda for the day in one convenient location. In addition to scheduling, providers also have access to patient records and can communicate with patients through the chat feature or via video sessions. 

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  1. Klara

Klara consolidates multiple tools into one platform. The platform promotes patient engagement through secure messaging, self-scheduling, and pre/post-visit automated reminders. 

  1. Go Reminders

Go Reminders is an all-in-one solution for appointment reminders. Offering practice managers the ability to automatically send reminders to customers and staff through text or email. 

  1. Vital Interaction

Vital interaction removes the manual process and automates workflows. Pre/post appointment scheduling reminders and practice update notifications are sent through an automatic patient blast. 

  1. Doctible

Doctible’s appointment scheduling and reminder software offers flexible reminders that can be sent automatically saving your practice 2-3 hours a day. Your office staff will be notified of patient confirmations and cancellations in real-time. 

  1. Mend

Mend’s cloud-based communication solution provides a centralized location for providers and patients to connect. The chat feature can be used to share upcoming appointment information or to request an appointment modification.

  1. Nexus

Nexus specializes in neurology, podiatry, and orthopedics. The app can be tailored to practice needs through a selection of templates, voice-to-text, and transcription. 

Benefits of Using Healthie’s Automatic Appointment Reminders

Healthie offers a fully integrated EHR, scheduling, and patient engagement platform, designed for more modern healthcare delivery.  

As a customizable part of the scheduling feature, account admins can customize the frequency and manner of appointment reminders within appointment settings. With Healthie’s appointment confirmation software, reminders  have the option to be sent days or even hours before the appointment. 

With Healthie’s Scheduling feature you can:

  • Sync your personal Google, iCal, or Outlook calendars, allowing you to see your day’s agenda in one place.
  • Set recurring and/or one-time booking availability.
  • Allow patients to choose between phone, video call, or in-person sessions.
  • Enable/disable 35+ custom calendar/scheduling settings to meet the needs of your practice.
  • View your calendar on the go through Healthie’s user-friendly mobile app.
  • Offer a secure portal where your patients can book appointments, provide billing and insurance information, complete electronic paperwork, and connect with you as needed.

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