How to Grow Your Wellness Business Online

Learn how to grow your wellness business beyond your website. Find out how being active on social media can help you build your online presence.

“Google it,” has become a part of our everyday dialogue. When you’re looking for something and aren’t sure where to start, Google search is most often the first place we turn! The same goes for nutritional care. Have you googled nutritional care in your area? You might be surprised what comes up – or rather, what doesn’t!

Today, having a wellness website isn’t always enough to connect you with new potential clients – especially when yours is only getting lost in the pages of search results. How can this be turned around? The short answer is SEO – Search Engine Optimization. Search engine results are determined by two factors, 1) your website’s content and 2) your off-site internet presence. Search engines are not out to sabotage your business, so let’s focus on what they can do to best benefit you!

Your on-site presence is largely dictated by keywords. Include all the essentials. Your name, your location, and important words your target client is likely to search, such as “Diabetes education in Naperville, IL.” Be as specific as you can. This will bump you to the top of the search results your ideal target client searches that phrase.

What about your off-site presence? This at first may seem like a challenge, but don’t worry. It has never been easier to get your name out there.  The first rule is to be bold.

Growing Your Online Presence Beyond Your Wellness Website

1. Setup business profiles on social media

This first step is almost too easy. Social media is a free and simple way to get your name out there and promote your business. Creating an account on Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, or even a page on Facebook will go a long way in creating additional places for potential clients to find you and develop a relationship with your brand. Social media can get more eyes on your logo, give your name more recognition, and most importantly, give someone a reason to google you looking for your website!

Before you go out and create a social media profile for your practice on every platform, there are a few things items for creating a successful social media presence.

2. Be active on social media

Anyone can buy a social media following, but that’s not the point. With your social media following, you want real, organic, potential clients following your account. You want people who could potentially benefit from your nutritional counseling services following your pages. The only way to make that connection is by being active on social media. Post regularly. Post often. (Often may mean daily, three days a week, once a week, etc. as long as you update consistently on a schedule!)

3. Be authentic in your social media posts

Posting regularly will provide a steady stream of content to give people a reason to keep checking out your page, but additionally, provide personal connection and sharing pieces of your life will go the added mile in building a relationship between you and your audience.

Even if you like to keep your personal life separate from your business, there’s a way to still be you. The key to social media is being relatable. The content that you share should resonate with your ideal client. Think about what their biggest challenges and fears are, and help to give them little ways to overcome them.

4. Showcase yourself as an expert in your niche

This cannot be said enough. You want your followers looking to you as a nutrition expert, make sure this comes across loud and clear on social media. Sharing your expertise will give any follower a reason to go to your website and potentially decide they want to work with you – not just a nutrition professional, but you specifically.

Pro Tip: Make sure your website URL is included in every social media profile you have!

Want to reach further? Connect with other websites.

Dare to put yourself out there. Know a website that posts nutrition articles? If you don’t, play around with google! See what your target client is reading when they are looking for an expert opinion. Reach out to these websites. Offer to write articles for them and share your own advice – always make sure that the article links back to your own website. When reaching out, don’t fret. The worst anyone can say is “no.”

Launch, grow & scale your business today.