Klinic Leverages Healthie Platform and API to Launch Tech Solution for Behavioral Health

Healthie, a software platform and API for health and wellness organizations, has partnered with Klinic, a group of seasoned entrepreneurs building tools for providers to build relationships with patients affected by addiction, mental health, and chronic pain. Klinic have leveraged the Healthie API to launch and scale their tech solution for behavioral health, and to reimagine how healthcare is delivered.

A man in a wheelchair using a laptop in the kitchen, demonstrating accessibility and independence.
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Klinic Focuses On Unique Offering With Healthie Serving As Their Backend

Klinic sees an immediate ROI in choosing Healthie.

Adapting Healthie has powered Klinic’s mission of providing virtual addiction recovery support to patients wherever they are. Building long-term relationships with clients outside of treatment facilities has been made possible because of the ease of scheduling and charting that Klinic can do through the Healthie API. Klinic was able to keep engineering resources focused on factors unique to their offering, including specific care protocols for the treatment and management of addiction and chronic pain. The ROI with Healthiehas been huge for Klinic, as the company avoided hefty technical debt and enjoyed high speed to market.


Klinic Needed A Bespoke Software Solution To Empower Their Team Of Providers

Klinic’s focus on delivering virtual-first care required a robust platform and versatile API.

Klinic was re-thinking how behavioral health could be delivered, wanting to leverage technology at every touchpoint to build an easy-to-adopt, friendly and welcoming experience. They needed an API-first solution that would optimize scheduling, intake forms, assessments, and charting. Klinic wanted to keep team resources focused on specific care protocols for their treatment, not on developing their own backend from the ground up. Klinic searched for a platform & API to build out their product.


Klinic Relaunches And Scales Their Care Platform With Healthie

Healthie provided API-first EMR that would accelerate time to go live, connect with their proprietary patient experience and support future growth.

By leveraging Healthie’s Scheduling and EHR API, Klinic’s team relaunches and scales their care delivery platform and provides comprehensive, patient-friendly services to drive meaningful healthcare outcomes in behavioral health. Healthie enables Klinic to deliver personalized, comprehensive care unique to behavioral health and chronic pain, leveraging a growing network of providers, while using Healthie’s HIPAA and SOC-2 compliant technology as a foundation.

Longer term, Klinic will be able to offer their customers insurance billing and revenue cycle management services to remove the barrier of affordability and cost of care.

"After evaluating many products and platforms, we decided to use Healthie for their superior provider-centric features, open API, and support team that was impressively responsive and very much hands on."
Avish Bhama
Avish Bhama
A man in a wheelchair using a laptop in the kitchen, demonstrating accessibility and independence.

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