Med Companion strategically chooses Healthie to avoid prevalent healthcare pitfalls

Med Companion’s mission of closing the communication gap between providers and patient advocates required an all-in-one solution that would streamline both patient and provider user flows as well as focus on client engagement. Med Companion strategically selected Healthie from its inception to address potential operational challenges and enhance client engagement. Early integration facilitated streamlined workflows, reporting & analytics capabilities, and virtual engagement features, revolutionizing healthcare delivery.

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Med Companion positioned for success with Healthie

Med Companion's early adoption of Healthie reaps transformative outcomes across operations and client engagement.

Med Companion's strategic choice of Healthie has allowed the company to navigate away from problems commonly faced by healthcare professionals and small businesses in general. Early adoption allowed Med Companion to lay a strong foundation on which they can grow and scale, creating optimized processes spanning intake form generation, package offerings, and client engagement. This allows Med Companion to maintain a lean administrative team, focusing resources instead on its differentiated offering. 

The integration of reporting & analytics capabilities empowered Founder & CEO Marly Brodsky to monitor success metrics and identify areas for improvement systematically. Leveraging Healthie's virtual engagement features, such as chat and email functionalities, has allowed Med Companion to revolutionize client connections by prioritizing patient engagement and program participation from the startup's earliest stages.


Overcoming Healthcare Challenges with Streamlined Solutions at Med Companion

Med Companion seeks integrated solutions to boost efficiency and elevate patient care.

 Med Companion was started in an industry that faced significant challenges, prompting Founder & CEO, Marly Brodsky, to pursue an EHR, practice management, and customer engagement platform. Brodsky observed prevalent issues in healthcare, like inefficient administrative workflows and fragmented patient data management, leading to reduced productivity and compromised care quality. Manual processes in the industry hindered staff communication, causing errors, scheduling delays, and billing issues. These challenges strain patient-provider relationships and impede growth. Med Companion sought comprehensive solutions over fragmented vendor offerings—like separate texting, charting, and telehealth platforms—to ensure scalability without future replacements.


Med Companion delivers elevated care powered by Healthie

Med Companion maximizes efficiency and engagement through Healthie's unified platform and robust features.

Med Companion strategically chose Healthie as their solution to address various operational hurdles and to prioritize client care. Recognizing the need for scalability, Med Companion prioritized a centralized platform to manage back-office tasks, content repositories, and client workflows efficiently. Healthie's all-in-one platform provides seamless integration, eliminating the need for multiple tools and ensuring a unified experience for providers and clients alike. 

Through Healthie's online form creation feature, Med Companion created seamless onboarding processes, to collect vital client information effortlessly. The platform's chat functionality facilitates ongoing communication, positioning them to nurture trusted relationships and enhance program engagement. Furthermore, Healthie's robust data analytics capabilities empower Med Companion to monitor operational efficiency, client engagement metrics, and healthcare outcomes in real-time. With Healthie as their comprehensive solution, Med Companion has created optimal workflows, can invest in meaningful client experiences, and have positioned themselves for sustainable growth.

"Healthie is one platform that has absolutely everything we need, is easy to use and fully customizable. We know that we can scale with no limits, and incredible customer service along the way."
CEO and Founder of Med Companion
CEO and Founder of Med Companion
Marly Brodsky
A woman sitting on a couch with a laptop and coffee cup, engrossed in her work and enjoying a hot beverage.

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