Isaac Health Prepares for Rapid Growth in Transition to Healthie

Isaac Health switches to Healthie for client experience and comprehensive API

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Leveraging Healthie’s EHR & Platform Saves Isaac Health Months Of Development

Isaac Health maintains a lean back office as they automate administrative work with the Healthie solution.

Isaac Health sees an immediate ROI with Healthie by not having to build their own solution from scratch. CEO Bruch noted, “we would have spent at least 4-5 months building our own customer experience comparable to Healthie, plus the additional resources.” 

Leveraging healthie, Isaac has been able to:

  • Relaunch in just 7 days, without deploying engineering resources
  • Maintained a lean back office staff as number of patients served continues to grow
  • Create a purpose-built experience for patients and providers
  • Continue to scale with Healthie without any limitations

The main takeaway for Isaac Health? “We could have wasted months trying to make a traditional EHR work for our business. Instead, we worked closely with the Healthie team, who are friendly, capable, and genuinely motivated to ensure the platform works optimally for our business.”


Isaac Health Needed A Flexible EHR to Serve Their Patients

Isaac Health quickly recognized that the limitations of their existing EHR would hamper growth.

Isaac Health was facing limitations with its previous EHR platform, which did not allow for as much customization as they needed, Isaac Health needed a flexible solution that would serve as both an EHR and practice management platform and also include a built-in patient app. 

The team at Isaac Health searched in depth for an EHR and platform that would meet their immediate needs, but also be able to scale as they grew. Isaac Health recognized that choosing a solution with an open API would remove barriers they might otherwise face in 1 or 2 years time. The team was eager to leverage Healthie’s EHR and client engagement platform.


Isaac Health Relaunches With Healthie In Just 7 Days

Patients experienced no disruption in care during the migration process.

Isaac Health chose Healthie because of its modern EHR, extensive features, and API capabilities. Migrating from their existing EHR to Healthie’s out-of-the-box solution took just 7 days and did not disrupt their delivery of care. A smooth migration and onboarding process was critical per Julius Bruch, Isaac’s CEO.  

Bruch explains, “Healthie’s white-label app had us up and running quickly. Instead of building out the backend ourselves, we were able to focus on customizing the elements that are important for our model of care. Finding a solution that is both out-of-the-box and dynamic is what made our fast relaunch successful.”

Healthie’s platform allowed Isaac Health to streamline both their onboarding process and their provider workflow. Favoring features such as forms, in-app charting, and billing, Isaac Health’s back-office staff and providers have been relieved of taxing administrative work. 

Isaac Health looks forward to rapid growth with Healthie, “Healthie is growing with us, which makes our reach unlimited.”  With an intuitive scheduling system that adjusts to time zones, considers physician profiles and licenses, and associates insurance with user profiles, continuing to automate time-consuming activities allows the Isaac Health team to instead focus their resources on future plans of expansion.

"Healthie was the perfect choice for us. It is a purpose-built telehealth solution, with an accelerated onboarding process."
Julius Bruch
Julius Bruch
An elderly couple sharing a romantic kiss on the sandy beach, with the sun setting in the background.

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