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Guide to Telehealth for Retail Dietitians

Learn how telehealth technology can help to drive retail services and revenue.

Consumers make 200+ food decisions every day, a number far higher on shopping days. Supermarkets are where consumers make vital decisions about what to feed themselves and their families, which has direct implications on their overall health and well-being.

Supermarket and grocery store dietitians serve as ambassadors between brands and the local community. Retail dietitians are a credible source to help grocery stores promote healthy eating and offer unique experiences and services that consumers are increasingly coming to value and expect. These include supermarket tours, educational classes, in-store cooking demonstrations and samplings, and increasingly, one-on-one onsite or virtual nutrition counseling. Dietitians have the trained ability to translate nutritional science into practical information that helps consumers take actionable health-promoting steps and improve the overall shopping experience.

When supermarkets employ retail dietitians, there is a benefit to all – consumers are empowered with nutrition education, grocery stores see increased basket size, customer loyalty and repeat visits, and brands see coupon redemption, recipe inclusion, and higher purchases. Food as medicine is the future of healthcare, and intervening at the grocery store, where consumers buy their food, has been shown to have positive health outcomes.  Adding a telehealth tool for dietitians allows your grocery store to continue to engage with and provide services for shoppers when in-person options aren’t available.

To help you understand how to use telenutrition services in your retail business, Healthie has put together this quick guide for you to use, including:

  • The Benefits of Adding a Telehealth Tool to your Retail Business
  • Value of Hiring a Registered Dietitian: Net Profit Projections
  • Healthie: a Client Engagement + Telehealth Tool for Retail Dietitians
  • How to Engage Shoppers Using Healthie Telehealth
  • One-on-one and group consultations
  • Online Wellness Challenges + Programs
  • Message Support
  • Journaling + Food logs

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