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Webinar Replay: Guide to Group Practice Billing & Credentialing

Find out how to streamline group billing and reduce denied claims.

Are you looking to add a new provider or support member to your practice? 

As you build your wellness business, gain clients, and generate income, the next step may add another provider to your practice. By reviewing critical group billing basics, as well as implementing best practices for credentialing as a group, you can not only streamline your billing process but also reduce the number of denied claims. 

To help you develop these billing skills, Ali Barrett of Lemond Nutrition talks through best practices for credentialing and billing for group practices in this Healthie Webinar:

  • Steps for credentialing new hires
  • General timelines for insurance contract approvals for new hires
  • How to modify CMS 1500 claims for a group practice
  • How to ensure payments are rendered to the group practice
  • Beneficial billing tools for group practices

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