Guide to Corporate Wellness Services

Find out how you can provide corporate wellness services by reading our guide.

Even before the global pandemic, the wellness industry has seen a push for more professionals to enter into the realm of corporate wellness. Recent expansions in insurance coverage for nutritional counseling has more and more employers looking to nutrition professionals to take the reins. The number of corporate wellness programs out there is only expected to grow as companies recognize the need to support employee wellbeing.

In this guide, we’re breaking down how to get started with offering corporate wellness services at your practice.  We’ll give you all of the tips on getting started, helping your clients reach success, and how to collect revenue at the end.

Table of Contents:

  • What is Corporate Wellness?
  • How to Launch your Corporate Wellness Program
  • How to Engage with your Corporate Clients
  • Pricing and Billing for your Services
  • How to Leverage Healthie for your Corporate Wellness Program
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