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Healthie Talk: Client Education & Engagement Tips

Jacqui Bryan is a registered nurse, functional nutritionist, certified health coach, whole health educator, and professional speaker. Jacqui takes a “whole person” approach to working with her clients using elements of motivational interviewing and other forms of talk therapy to educate her clients and partner with them to make positive health behavior changes.

Jacqui is also a long-time Healthie member, building a successful practice, including hundreds of online patient education programs (and countless educational content). One aspect of Jacqui’s practice that makes her a clear success is her dedication to client education and engagement. 

In this Healthie TALK we discuss what success looks like for Jacqui’s practice, and the creative ways she leverages Healthie features to deliver engaging care. From building online programs, to using community chat, and offering virtual group sessions - Jacqui seamlessly integrates client engagement and enables her clients to become active participants in their own care. 

This talk is ideal for any Healthie member (or new member) interested in learning how to make the most of the platform. 

Here’s what we covered in this Healthie Talk: 

  • Types of client education content 
  • Creative ways to recycle content
  • The difference between fixed-date and start-date programs
  • How to offer client engagement alongside a program
  • Q&A

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