Case Study

Big Y

Massachusetts & Connecticut

Increase Geographic Footprint with Shoppers Through Telehealth and Client Engagement Software

Since early 2021, the team of dietitians at Big Y® - Your Family Market has been leveraging Healthie’s telehealth and client engagement software to reach more shoppers throughout their geographic footprint, successfully increasing the impact of their modest-sized dietitian team.

The team’s reasons for choosing Healthie were simple: the platform was ready to launch quickly to meet the changing demands of Big Y® shoppers that resulted from the pandemic. It also delivers a streamlined experience for users and providers which includes scheduling, marketing, registration, surveying and customer follow-up all in one place.

At Big Y®, customers can take advantage of a variety of virtual programming options under the be well™ with Big Y® Nutrition Program to meet their needs. From individual, 15-minute Discovery Sessions that are intended to address general nutrition questions to virtual store tours, presentations, support groups and cook-alongs for both children and adults. The dietitian team has also been able to tap into an additional revenue stream by partnering with up to three sponsors for monthly Virtual Nutrition Events.

Utilizing the Healthie platform has allowed us to grow our nutrition offerings and reach more people in the communities we serve with meaningful group and one-on-one interaction. While in-person events are beneficial, virtual programming has allowed us to expand our geographical reach well beyond the handful of store locations we were able to service before. Healthie provides robust, easy-to-use and secure solutions that help streamline Virtual Nutrition Programs for retail dietitians and consumers alike.

Andrea Luttrell


With Healthie, Big Y® has achieved:

User Growth

Three part-time consulting dietitian team members have been able to continuously grow Healthie users year after year

Increased User Engagement

Increased participation over in-person programs, due to not needing to limit group size because of in-aisle space restrictions, participant mobility constraints and/or geographical location of where in-person programs were previously scheduled

Client Conversions

A 60% conversion rate, or better, from registration to participation

Increased Sales

Sales increased on key ingredients in cooking classes and those recommended during virtual events, as well as sponsor products

Accessible Care

The recent addition of Pharmacy’s Western New England Consultation and Wellness Center program utilizing the platform, opened the door for a new referral stream for Pharmacy to RD Team to enhance access to care

Big Y’s Preferred Healthie Features


HIPAA-compliant telehealth capabilities for individual and group video sessions, as well as the ability to host webinars. Engage with clients & shoppers in a way that is convenient and flexible, reaching clients wherever they are.

Food & Metrics Journaling

Food journaling and metrics tracking increases client engagement and promotes a deeper understanding of client's nutritional choices, enabling individuals to make informed decisions about their diet and achieve their health and wellness goals.

Client Mobile App

Enhance communication and collaboration between dietitians and their clients, enabling timely access to personalized information, tracking progress, and providing valuable support and guidance throughout the health journey. Empower clients to actively participate in their own care.

Online Programs

Offer a convenient and accessible platform for customers to make informed choices about their food purchases, access personalized nutrition information, and discover healthy recipes tailored to their dietary needs. Empower individuals to prioritize their health while navigating the grocery store aisles, ultimately fostering a culture of wellness and supporting healthier lifestyles.

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