Override Health Leverages Healthie to Connect Providers and Reach Patients

Override needed a feature-rich EHR and platform to promote collaboration amongst providers and serve as an intuitive solution for patients. By leveraging Healthie’s modern, API-first solution, Override launched its initial offering in just 6 weeks and looks forward to high growth.

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Gladwyne, PA
Chronic Pain
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6 Weeks
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Override Launches Virtual Pain Rehab Center In Partnership With Healthie

Utilizing the Healthie solution allows Override to preserve resources and as well as position for growth

Healthie’s API has allowed us to build an engaging, personalized platform specifically for chronic pain management while maintaining the security of Healthie’s infrastructure and seamless clinical workflows for our providers.” - Zach Walters, Head of Product

Leveraging Healthie has allowed Override to:  

  • Boost member engagement
  • Give more informed care with much greater efficiency on the administrative end
  • Experience time saving across providers for scheduling, sharing care plans, and collaborating internally for informed, team-based care
  • Save thousands of dollars in software licensing costs

Override Needed An Intuitive Solution To Foster Collaboration Amongst Providers

Override’s unique care model required an EHR and platform that could seamlessly connect their team of multispecialty providers.

Override was looking for an intuitive and easy-to-use platform for patients that was also feature-rich enough to work seamlessly for providers on the backend. With a model of care that sees multiple specialists working together on each patient case, Override needed an EHR and platform that was both fully integrated and feature-rich to allow their providers to be deeply effective in providing care virtually. With ease of use for both providers and patients as top-of-mind, Override had considered solutions such as Avon Health, Capable, Elation, & Athenahealth.


Override Launches With Healthie in 6 Weeks

Override find an effective and affordable solution in Healthie.

Override selected Healthie because it made their collaborative care model as streamlined as possible, without sacrificing other features they needed for effective care, including easy patient scheduling and messaging, flexible billing solutions, and a proactive approach to integrations with other leading healthcare solutions. 

With Healthie, Override’s teams of specialists can collaborate quickly and effectively, be it via recurring internal video calls, direct messaging, or seamless file sharing. As a result, patients are getting more informed care, and ultimately, better health outcomes. Override in particular appreciates Healthie’s collaboration tools, which “has been core to enabling not only easy and engaging communication with patients, but internal communication for our team-based approach to care.”

As Override continues to grow, they “are excited to scale with Healthie across multiple dimensions. We are excited to continue integrating with various pre-built Healthie integrations (e.g. Zus Health, Candid Health, and wearables connections). And we’re just as excited to take advantage of Healthie’s flexible API for our own chronic pain-specific solutions and mobile app.

"We are glad to have partnered with Healthie since we feel it is the best solution for integrated care on the market currently. It allows us to deliver a complex model of interdisciplinary care and build our own tools needed for our specific care model using Healthie’s API."
Co-Founder & CEO
Co-Founder & CEO
Jennie Shulkin
A serene beach at sunset, with calm waves gently rolling onto the shore as the sun dips below the horizon, casting a warm glow.

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