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Startup MedCompanion Chooses Healthie for Client Engagement & Provider Ops

March 5, 2021

New York (March 5,2021) - Healthie, a software platform and API for health and wellness organizations, has partnered with MedCompanion, a health delivery startup that provides care professionals to support family members during their medical encounters. 

MedCompanion will leverage Healthie’s web and mobile software platform to deliver coordinated care in which a medical companion serves as a medical liaison between medical providers, patients, and family members. After speaking to the patient and the family prior to a doctor’s visit, the MedCompanion is able to listen to the physician's recommendations, provide information on behalf of the patient and family, and relay questions and concerns for family members who could not be present during a medical encounter. 

Through Healthie’s HIPAA-compliant platform, a designated MedCompanion is able to securely access patient information, conduct virtual services, message with family members, document care sessions, and share educational resources. Healthie serves as the single platform for MedCompanion to build back-end operations for their growing provider network, as well as offer one, comprehensive place for families and individuals to work with the organization. 

Having a single, comprehensive source of information, resources, and access to skilled MedCompanion providers is crucial in delivering modern, effective, and efficient care. For Marly Brodsky, CEO and Founder of MedCompanion, the first step in streamlining her business operations was to seek out a single technology partner that could comprehensively support their technology needs. 

“MedCompanion and Healthie share a mission to leverage technology to deliver high-quality, professional care to those who need it most. We are excited to see MedCompanion’s team launch and scale their services with our client engagement and practice management platform.” 

Erica Jain, Chief Executive Officer, Healthie

“Healthie is one platform that has absolutely everything we need, is easy to use and fully customizable. We know that we can scale with no limits, and incredible customer service along the way.” 

Marly Brodsky, CEO and Founder of MedCompanion

“We were looking at different vendors that each provided a different service, and we realized that we’d be cobbling together a handful of tools, all of which Healthie provides in one place.”

The MedCompanion team has worked closely with Healthie’s implementation team to set up scalable workflows & processes across intake form generation, packages, care plans, and engagement. Moreover, the team has set up custom reports to support specific analytics needs. 

MedCompanion’s programs and services can help the millions of families that have loved ones going through long-term health challenges. Healthie serves as the single platform for MedCompanion to build back-end operations for their growing provider network, as well as offer one, comprehensive place for families and individuals to work with the organization.  

About Healthie

Healthie is a comprehensive white-label and API platform that serves as the underlying infrastructure for digital health startups and health and wellness organizations that want to deliver accessible, digital-first healthcare. Founded in 2016, Healthie’s HIPAA-compliant software includes a comprehensive feature set for offering virtual provider services, and spans EHR, practice management, coaching and client communication. As a result, organizations launch and scale services faster by avoiding re-creating the wheel, foster long-term relationships with clients, and ultimately offer a preventative, personalized care experience that leads to better health outcomes. To learn more, visit

About MedCompanion

MedCompanion was founded with the mission to help families and caregivers close the gap in communication and understanding that often occurs between providers and family members in Healthcare. By closing this gap, family members are better equipped to navigate complicated decisions and prognoses in healthcare to improve the quality of care received by their loved ones. MedCompanion serves as a trusted conduit when family members are unavailable or incapable of being present, and a credible, reliable source of information for those who seek ancillary assistance to support loved ones. 

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