Healthie Integrates with Awell to Automate Routine Clinical Tasks and Drive Coordination between Care Teams & Patients

December 1, 2022

Awell Health, a low-code platform used by clinical and product teams to design, improve and integrate clinical workflow management into their tech stack, is now integrated with Healthie, an API-first platform for virtual-first healthcare delivery.

With this partnership, care organizations are able to build clinical workflows in Awell’s low-code platform and easily integrate them into Healthie. By doing so, Healthie’s customers can automate routine clinical tasks, synchronize data between systems and drive seamless coordination between care team and patients. 

“By combining Healthie’s web and mobile platform with our clinical workflows, clinicians will be able to provide the right care, at the right time for the right patient,” says Rik Renard, Partnership Lead at Awell. “Our clients need a flexible tool to run their business and help them with scheduling, EHR, billing and more. Healthie is the perfect platform for that.”

With this partnership, Awell operates as a back-end clinical workflow automation  platform while the front-end experience is managed in Healthie and the customer’s patient application. Customers will use Awell’s platform for several use cases such as task automation, patient onboarding, creating automated charting notes based on referrals and more. Some of these use cases are showcased on Awell’s YouTube channel.

"Awell's platform is a natural extension of Healthie, as it helps digital health organizations build out robust and specific clinical workflows and integrate them seamlessly into Healthie, without a heavy engineering lift. It’s been great to see organizations leverage this integration.” said Erica Jain, CEO & Co-founder of Healthie.

To read more about this integration you can visit Healthie’s help center.

About Healthie

Healthie offers infrastructure for next generation digital health organizations that provide virtual-first care. Healthie’s API-first and fully brandable suite of solutions (Scheduling, EMR, Client Engagement) enables healthcare builders to launch and scale best-in-class experiences for their members. Healthie also offers a built-in marketplace of business and clinical integrations used by our organizations.

Healthie is HIPAA Compliant and SOC-2 Certified. Our customers include prominent digital health companies that have raised $2B+ in venture capital and range from 5-person startups to multi-billion-dollar companies. In partnership with Healthie, they care for patients across the full spectrum — from preventative health & wellness to complex chronic care management, for millions of patients.

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About Awell

Awell is a low-code platform used by clinical and product teams to design clinical workflows in healthcare and integrate them into their tech stack. With Awell, care organizations automate routine clinical tasks, synchronize data between systems and drive seamless coordination between care teams and patients.

Awell’s customers have improved the lives of more than 150,000 patients across a wide array of medical conditions. They achieved results such as 50% increase in care team capacity, 40% reduction in length of stay and 25% reduction in emergency room admissions.

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