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Healthie CEO Receives 2024 Slice of Healthcare Award for Top Digital Health Leaders

June 18, 2024

New York, New York - June 18, 2024 - Healthie today announced CEO & Co-Founder Erica Jain has been named a 2024 Top Digital Health Leader by Slice of Healthcare.

"I am proud to be named as a Top Digital Health Leader by Slice of Healthcare alongside may of our customers and partners, " said Erica Jain, CEO & Co-Founder of Healthie. "This recognition reflects our team’s dedication to transforming  healthcare delivery through innovative technology and patient-centered solutions. We're committed to building technology that enables longitudinal, virtual-first, collaborative care delivery for millions of patient lives.” 

About Slice of Healthcare Top Digital Health Leaders Award

The Slice of Healthcare Top 35 Digital Health Leaders Award is an annual recognition highlighting the achievements and contributions of top leaders in the field of digital health including, CEOs, CMOs, entrepreneurs, and founders.

These leaders are recognized for their innovative work and impact on the digital health industry, which may include advancements in healthcare technology, improvements in patient care, and contributions to the growth and development of digital health solutions. The award aims to celebrate and promote the efforts of those who are driving change and progress within the digital health sector.

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About Slice of Healthcare
Slice of Healthcare is a media and publishing company focused on the digital health industry. It provides news, insights, and analysis on various aspects of digital health, including technological advancements, industry trends, and significant developments. The platform aims to inform and connect professionals within the healthcare sector by featuring interviews, podcasts, and articles that highlight the work of key leaders and organizations in digital health. 

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About Healthie: 

Healthie provides infrastructure to power the next generation of healthcare delivery. Healthie’s API-first EHR, Scheduling, and Engagement solution, coupled with the Healthie Harbor - a marketplace of integrations, makes it easy for organizations of any size to launch and scale virtual care.

Healthie was designed for virtual-first, recurring, and collaborative care. Healthie supports thousands of organizations that work with millions of patient lives, including industry-leading health tech companies. Leveraging Healthie, organizations can focus on creating best-in-class patient experiences and care.

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