Wellness Clinics

Expand Your Wellness Clinic’s Reach and Improve Patient Engagement

Healthie has the tools wellness clinics need to engage with patients and drive improved patient health outcomes.

Wellness Clinics

HIPAA-Compliant Clinic
Management Software

Drive long-term engagement in your integrated wellness clinic by offering
convenient and virtual nutrition education and wellness services.

Secure Patient Portal

Patients, employees, and program participants can log food and lifestyle entries, access shared documents, book appointments, and more

E-Paperwork & EHR

Document nutrition visits and health assessments; can be used in conjunction with your existing charting platform


Securely message with patients and maintain internal team communications. Create individual chats, group chats, and send message blasts


Offer individual, family, or group video sessions with HIPAA-compliant telehealth

Resources & Programs

Distribute emails, pre-recorded videos, surveys, personalized assessments, and educational handouts for patients with ease.


Generate custom reports for all aspects of your business to maintain insights into your business, finances, programs, and patient care

Wellness Clinics

Support Your Patients With Tools for Accountability and Long-Term Success

  • Secure Patient Portal where patients can log food and lifestyle entries, access shared documents, book appointments, and more
  • Private messaging for patient-provider communication between sessions
  • Create patient Care Plans to easily deliver treatment recommendations and resources to patients
  • Create treatment and wellness goals for patients to complete
  • Track individual patient activity and metrics with available Apple Health, Google Fit, and Fitbit integrations
Wellness Clinics

Connecting All Aspects of Clinic
Management in One Secure Software

HIPAA- and PCI-compliant, healthcare providers and patients can securely access
their Healthie account from any device.


Healthie has a full back-office suite, with tools for scheduling, charting, and billing. Utilize Healthie alongside your existing systems.

Wellness Programs

Expand community reach and participation by offering pre-created online programs. Add content such as videos, emails, surveys, and handouts, to automatically distribute to enrolled participants. 


Connect with patients virtually through individual or group video chat sessions, or offer webinars. Find improved patient retention by offering virtual sessions and diversify service offerings through virtual care. 

Patient engagement

Care team members can keep track of patient health progress and provide real-time feedback with lifestyle & food journaling, goal setting, chat, metrics logging, and more.

Wellness Clinics

Wellness Clinic Management Software that Makes a Difference

Healthie is the only software solution that enables wellness clinics to improve patient outcomes by offering comprehensive services.

Improves Patient Outcomes

Healthie enables you to expand your virtual nutrition and wellness clinic services offered and improve health outcomes.

Adapts to your health organization

Customize your organization settings, branding, and features utilized so that Healthie complements your existing systems.

Accessible anywhere

Healthie’s cloud-based web and mobile app means you, and your patients, can securely log in from any device.

Always secure

Healthie is HIPAA, PIPEDA, GDPR, and PCI-compliant, so rest assured, your patient information is kept safe.

Ongoing customer support

Free webinars, training classes, community support, and industry resources to help you get the most out of Healthie.

Wellness Clinics

Customer Stories

Healthie is trusted by practitioners worldwide. Learn why.

Southern Indiana Surgery has long known that telehealth is the way for them to connect and engage with patients. With a growing practice, and a high demand, SI Surgery knew that they needed a more streamlined way to support their bariatric patients, both before and after surgery. With Healthie, SI Surgery was able to build out online programming to support their surgical, and non-surgical weight loss patients.

"Healthie allowed us to pull patients into our Medically Supervised Weight Loss program via telehealth, thereby making it more accessible to them, and in turn providing them with better education for preparation of surgery."

Kelli Pitman, RN BSN CBN
Bariatric Program Coordinator & Clinical Manager

In their mission to leverage technology to improve healthcare delivery, Colorado State and the Kendall Reagan Nutrition Center discovered Healthie. Supporting the health system in two ways, through the training of their students, as well as a patient engagement tool with clients, Healthie was uniquely suited to meet their needs.

“With the implementation of technology, we are able to safely manage clients’ information and easily follow up with each individual… We are creating more meaningful and impactful relationships with our clients by running our business much more efficiently with Healthie.”

Shelby Cox MS, RDN, CSOWM
Director of Clinical Services, Kendall Reagan Nutrition Center
Wellness Clinics

Get Healthie’s Software for Your Entire Wellness Clinic

Utilize Healthie to create diverse wellness benefits and programs across patient populations and health needs

Use Healthie as a patient engagement tool alongside existing EHR or booking software
Create Care Teams to seamlessly provide coordinated care to your patients
Receive Healthie support when onboarding new organization members to Healthie
Wellness Clinics

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