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Gain access to scheduling, billing, telehealth, and charting for $0/month.
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Why Healthie is Better than Simple Practice


Build Care Teams for Coordinated Care

Simple Practice isn’t designed to scale

Group practice accounts in SimplePractice are designed for individual clinicians or practices that bill under a single NPI, tax ID, and payment account.

Healthie supports multiple billing providers, and unlimited team growth

Insurance-based practices can populate their account with multiple billing providers + designate a billing provider on a per-claim basis.
Collaborative Care Team features are designed to support organizations with hundreds of providers.
40+ permission settings allow admins to curate each team member’s experience.
Client Portal

Client Portal Designed for Engagement

Simple Practice lacks client engagement

The client portal through Simple Practice is designed for completing paperwork, and making payments but what if your client portal could do all that and more?

Healthie allows providers & clients to work together

Healthie’s platform supports paperwork, payments, and much more. Our Diverse engagement features increase client engagement to develop lasting relationships.

Paperwork + billing
Food + lifestyle journaling
Client messaging
Activity tracking + goal

Built-in HIPAA Compliant Telehealth

Virtual care comes at a cost with Simple Practice

Simple Practice requires you to add-on telehealth, and requires a separate app download to launch virtual calls.

Healthie is designed for virtual-first care

Easily schedule & launch video calls from any device, and get access to advanced telehealth features.

Screen sharing.
Gain access to Zoom for Healthcare with Plus Plans at no extra cost.

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Our cloud-based platform gives you access to your practice and patient data from any device, at any time.

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Healthie Offers a Full Marketplace of Integrations

Streamline your workflows by integrating all of your favorite tools with Healthie.


Healthie is the Most Affordable Option, with Plans designed to scale to any Level

Choose a client management system that will grow with you, from launch to expansion.

Simple Practice

Plans for businesses of all sizes, including enterprises. See all pricing & plans

$0/month for 10 clients
Plans start at $29/month+

Manually add clients, and access their profile within Healthie. Invite clients to join you through their secure Client Portal. Archive clients you no longer work with.

10 for free
Storage & Share Documents

Send and share documents with clients directly within Healthie. Upload educational handouts, test results, lab work, recipes, meal plans, research articles, and even client education videos. Unlimited storage.

Unlimited for free
Online Appointment Booking/Scheduling

Add your calendar and client packages directly to your website for easy online client self-booking.

Share or embed calendar
Appointment reminders (email & SMS)
$0 for unlimited invoicing
EHR & Charting Templates

Leverage Healthie’s library of forms to create your e-paperwork, or build your own custom forms using our Form Builder.

Paperless Intakes
Insurance Claim Filing

Create and export CMS 1500 claims at no additional cost with our Essentials Plan and above. Direct claims submission is available via Office Ally. Learn more

No cost with Essentials Plan and above
10 claims for $69/month, then additional $.25 per claim

HIPAA-compliant 1:1 video calls on any Healthie plan for free. Enable our Zoom integration for group telehealth & webinars on our Plus plan.

$29/month + additional $15/month add on fee
Client Portal
Secure client messenger

Send or schedule messages to clients. Set an out-of-office message when away or during off-hours.

Advanced Client Journaling & Nutrient Tracking

Clients can log food entries, workouts, symptoms, water intake, and more from their Client Portal on web & mobile

iOs/Android Mobile App
*Pricing information last accessed January 2023

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Our cloud-based platform gives you access to your practice and patient data from any device, at any time.

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"Pre-Healthie, I found myself fussing so much with various platforms, it was like I was juggling all the time. The lack of consolidation was maddening."

Jeanne Petrucci MS, RDN

Founder, Living Plate

“The bottom line is Healthie allows me to spend more of my time actually being a dietitian, rather than my own little office manager.”

Cory Ruth MS, RD

Founder, The Women's Dietitian

"Healthie solved all of our problems with one platform and one monthly fee. And a bonus was the Healthie app that’s available to our clients."

Esther Schultz MS, RDN

Co-Founder, Pacific Nutrition Partners

"Another feature that I like about Healthie is the fact that I can take payments right through the website. Having that built into Healthie makes it a really easy option [for the] financial aspect."

Courtney Nalivka MS, RDN, LD

Owner, CB Nutrition

"Healthie was significant because it truly kept everything in one place. We have over 3,000 documents that are well organized."

Kelly Springer MS, RD, CDN

Founder, Kelly's Choice

“The bottom line is Healthie allows me to spend more of my time actually being a dietitian, rather than my own little office manager.”

Cory Ruth MS, RD

Founder, The Women's Dietitian

“Healthie was the vehicle that helped our business explode.”

Jeanne Petrucci MS, RDN

Founder, Living Plate

"Healthie allows me to celebrate the real successes of my clients. It doesn’t get more rewarding than that."


Founder, True U Texas

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