Billing & Submitting Insurance Claims Guide

Learn the basics of insurance billing for wellness services and discover the best practices for submitting insurance claims.

Are you ready to submit insurance claims for your wellness services?

As you become credentialed with insurance payers for health and wellness services, the next step is to become familiar with fundamentals of billing, from how to verify your client’s benefits, to how to track submitted claims. By reviewing critical billing basics, as well as implementing best practices in your business, you can both streamline your billing process and reduce the number of denied claims.

To help you develop these billing skills and best practices, Healthie’s guide to insurance billing walks you step-by-step through the billing process.

Checklist: Billing Insurance for Nutrition and Wellness Services:

  • Sign up for electronic reimbursements
  • Verify your client’s insurance benefits
  • Setup the necessary tools for claims management
  • Collect information to create your claim
  • Submit your claim
  • Keeping track of your claims
  • Collect any client-owed responsibility
  • Troubleshoot a denied claim
  • Time Management and Client Load
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