Private Practice Billing with Insurance Webinar

Learn the basic of billing insurance for nutrition services in this Healthie webinar replay.

Are you starting out with insurance billing in your practice?

Do you feel overwhelmed about what steps to take next, including the practice policies you need to put in place and completing CMS 1500 claims?

Learn how to manage your insurance-based clients from very first, to very last touchpoint.

This webinar is designed for dietitians new to insurance billing, or who have already begun billing and want to ensure they have the right systems in place.

Our speaker, Ali Barrett of Lemond Nutrition has over 16 years of billing experience. As the primary biller for a large group nutrition practice, Ali is helping dietitians understand how to properly bill for nutrition counseling services.

What we cover in this packed webinar:

  • Practice forms to put in place and policies to establish for clients
  • How to verify client’s benefits
  • Important notes for charting on insurance clients
  • Relevant billing terminology, diagnosis codes and CPT codes used for nutrition services
  • How to create + submit CMS 1500 claims
  • What reimbursement details to look for and how to resubmit a claim
  • How to streamline your billing process with the right tools
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