Telehealth Regulations & Licensure Laws

Learn the basics of licensure laws and telehealth regulations for nutrition professionals.

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The age of technology has transformed almost every aspect of modern life, and how we give and receive healthcare is no different. Over the past few years, we’ve seen a dramatic demand and rise in virtual health services.

Initially, we’ve seen telehealth used broadly by primary care physicians, dermatologists, radiologists, and psychiatrists, but is now rapidly expanding throughout healthcare to include registered dietitians and other wellness professionals. As the industry evolves, there is a demand for technology to meet the specific needs of private practice dietitians providing telehealth nutrition services.

In this guide, we’re sharing the basics surrounding telehealth regulations. Learn how to adhere to State licensure laws and statutes surrounding telehealth when delivering virtual nutrition services.

Table of Contents:

  • Defining “Telehealth” and “Telenutrition”
  • The benefits of providing telehealth services
  • Knowing state licensure laws and terminology
  • Providing telehealth nutrition services across state lines
  • Confirming liability insurance includes telehealth coverage
  • Choosing a HIPAA-compliant method of client communication
  • Using a billing platform to collect payments online
  • Important private practice forms: Telehealth Consent Policy Form
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