5 Downloadable Forms for Therapists

Essential forms for behavioral health providers that are designed to streamline administrative tasks and improve patient care.

Your time is valuable 

Pre-designed forms allow you to focus more on patient care while maintaining streamlined workflows, making it easier to manage patient information and track progress. 

Consistency is key

Standardized forms ensure that all necessary information is collected and documented uniformly. Keep your practice organized, reduce the likelihood of missing important details, and achieve better patient outcomes.

Essential forms for therapists

  1. Intake Forms: Gather essential information such as medical history, current symptoms, and personal background. 
  2. Consent Forms: Obtain vital permissions from patients in order to proceed with therapy, covering a range of legal and ethical considerations. 
  3. Progress Notes: Track patients’ journeys through therapy by documenting each session's outcomes, interventions used, and progress.
  4. Treatment Plans: Detailed documents outlining the therapeutic goals, strategies, and timeline for each patient.
  5. Discharge Summaries: Summarize the progress made, goals achieved, and any recommendations for future care for patients who have completed treatment.

Use Healthie’s tools for your practice’s daily operations

Healthie is a comprehensive EHR, billing, and practice management solution designed for solo and group practices. Healthie offers a comprehensive suite of 40+ downloadable behavioral health forms designed to meet the needs of your mental health practice. By leveraging these resources, you can improve the quality of care you provide, enhance your practice's efficiency, and ensure that all administrative tasks are handled with consistency and precision. Get started with the essential 5 mental health worksheets (pdf). 

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