Integrate Healthie With Your Favorite Business Tools


For Organizations

We offer custom integration options that will help you integrate with your favorite CRM and marketing tools



Healthie integrates with HIPAA-compliant Zoom for individual or group telehealth sessions and webinars. No personal account or login information required, and no additional fees.  



Stripe is a payment processor that allows you to store client credit card information and charge clients for services, right within your account. Simply add your banking details within Healthie and you’re ready to accept payments. 



Healthie's EHR tools and Recommend supplements to clients within Healthie by linking your Fullscript account. Keep track of supplements you’ve recommended and which your clients have purchased. 



Seamlessly offer E-labs in your business, leverage virtual physician authorization, and streamline collection of Lab Reports into client files.


Office Ally

Submitting insurance claims to Office Ally, a full-service clearinghouse, is as easy as clicking a button. Batch send claims and automatically receive back claim status and reimbursement details within Healthie. 


Wearable Fitness Trackers

Clients can integrate a variety of tracker devices into their Healthie accounts, including Apple Health, Google Fit, Fitbit, Dexcom Blood Glucose, Smart Scales and Blood Pressure cuffs, and more. Instantly view metrics within your Provider Portal, and synthesize data for quick analytics.


Why These EHR Integrations Are Important for Your Business

Using one platform for all your needs saves time

Combining client engagement with back-office management improves accuracy

Reducing time on paperwork means more time spent with clients

Adding new revenue streams allows you to scale your business

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