Simplex Health uses Healthie to Power Comprehensive Wellness Offering

With Healthie, Simplex Health supports their patients through a digital health platform with a suite of features including virtual care, document sharing, chat concierge services, and much more.

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Simplex Health Needed A Powerful Platform to Support Client Operations

Simplex Health offers organizations a comprehensive nutrition and wellness offering, leveraging their team of dietitians, health coaches, care navigators, and other health and wellness professionals to help clients achieve long-term, impactful health results. Prior to Healthie, Simplex was using a handful of tools for each part of back-office operations and client care. Stitching together multiple platforms was no longer cost-efficient and did not support their long term growth.


Simplex Health Launches with a Full Stack Set of Features

Today, Healthie serves as the central portal that powers Simplex’s business operations and patient engagement experience.

With Healthie, Simplex Health has put together a comprehensive client experience that includes a combination of in-person and virtual care, webinars, chat concierge services, document sharing, and much more. As clients with Simplex work with dietitians, coaches, and other care providers, Simplex leverages the Organization Calendar, Documents, and Shared Charting / Intake. Moreover, the organization is able to leverage the E-fax to share results and records with other healthcare professionals.

Alexandra Jatzke, RD LDN

Director of Training & Development, Simplex Health

“Healthie’s team has made it so easy for our company to access aggregate patient data, pulled from our entire team, so we can seamlessly run analytics, track outcomes, and monitor growth.”

Key Results

Healthie has enabled Simplex Health to Focus on Patient Engagement

Leveraging Healthie, Simplex Health has been able to: 

  • Deliver virtual counseling services where patients are able to join virtual sessions or chats with a provider.
  • Offer a branded experiences through Healthie's white-labeled solution.
  • Track patient outcomes through Healthie's reports tools. Simplex was able to view session attendance, business KPI's, health outcomes, and patient satisfaction.
  • Schedule across the provider network, establishing a seamless coordinated experience.

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