Seven Starling Scales with Healthie Platform & API

Seven Starling uses Healthie to launch a multi-state mental health offering to virtually connect parents with care teams during and after pregnancy. Seven Starling considered several EMRs & scheduling platforms & chose Healthie by recommendation from another founder.

$250 - $500K / Year
Development Costs Saved
3 Months
Time to Go Live
Company Profile
Seven Starling
Washington, D.C.
January 2020
Time to Go Live
3 months
Capital Raised
$2.9 million in seed funding
Patient Population Served
Maternal Mental Health

Seven Starling needed a HIPAA-compliant, modern solution for patient care

Maternal health startup was considering building in house or stitching together several platforms.

Excited to launch their virtual care programs for parents-to-be, Seven Starling was looking for a HIPAA-compliant platform that would help them facilitate a seamless and secure patient experience. In their search for a technology partner, Seven Starling considered combining several integrations, including separate EHR, billing, and patient care platforms. 

They quickly appreciated the large number of features in one tool, including scheduling, billing, care management, and educational content, and Healthie’s easy to use interface. 


Seven Starling launched in 3 months with Healthie

Seven Starling was able to scale quickly and securely leveraging Healthie’s customizable platform. 

For Seven Starling Co-Founder and Chief Product Officer Sophia Richter, Healthie provided all of the platforms she needed, within one HIPAA-compliant solution. “The secure Healthie platform includes numerous helpful features in one place, including scheduling, care management, educational modules, and more.” 

Moreover, by leveraging Healthie’s fully brandable solution (web and mobile white-label), Seven Starling has been able to utilize Healthie to the fullest as their business needs evolved. “The Healthie team has been an incredible partner in helping us customize the platform to meet our needs, particularly as we’ve evolved the services we offer to better serve our members.”

Sophia Richter

Co-Founder and Chief Product Officer

“The Healthie team has been an incredible partner in helping us customize the platform to meet our needs. Our close partnership with the Healthie team has enabled us to quickly respond to our changing needs as a business.”

Key Results

Healthie has enabled Seven Starling to focus on differentiation and clinical care

Healthie’s flexible platform has facilitated Seven Starling’s comprehensive, patient-centric platform that has been key to their impressive and capital efficient growth. Healthie has enabled Seven Starling to prioritize development and product resources on differentiation, rather than on building out core virtual tooling.

Seven Starling will reach a network of providers and clinics that serves 6.5 million patients each year across 400 practice locations. Healthie powers Seven Starling’s offering and will scale as they expand to 50 states. 

Leveraging Healthie, Seven Starling has been able to: 

  • Build out educational programs, care management, and patient offerings in one HIPAA-compliant tool 
  • Save $250-500K annually on development & engineering costs, saving developer resources while benefiting from a comprehensive clinical care platform 
  • Offer a single, comprehensive platform for all clinicians to create a coordinated care experience 
  • “Healthie allowed us to scale our service quickly and securely while offering us customization options that allowed us to tailor the platform to our needs.” 

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