Empower Sleep Leverages The Healthie EHR & Platform To Provide Unique Care

Empower Sleep was using another EHR coupled with a patchwork of other platforms. They wanted to provide their customers with a better user experience, and did not want to build from scratch. Empower Sleep ran a full evaluation of industry EHRs and selected Healthie’s white-label solution. Empower Sleep went live with Healthie in 30 days and will continue to scale, leveraging Healthie’s comprehensive API.

30 Days
Time to Go Live
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Empower Sleep
Los Angeles, CA
Time to Go Live
30 days
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Sleep Health

Empower Sleep Outgrew Previous EHR & Needed Scalable, Out-Of-The-Box Solution

The Sleep Health startup needed a modern, API-first EHR platform.

Empower Sleep was growing quickly, and had outgrown its existing EHR and platform. The company knew that providing an elevated customer experience, and streamlined clinician experience, would be crucial to their next company phase. Empower Sleep sought an out-of-the-box solution to ensure that care would not be interrupted. 

“We wanted to get up and running as quickly as possible, but also invest in a solution that was API-friendly so that we could maintain that platform, rather than migrate or start from scratch later.”

In addition to a clean UX and an open API, the Empower Sleep team was in search of specific features, including chat capability, scheduling, payment processing, care plans, charting and insurance workflows. After comparing traditional EHRs and several start-ups, the Empower Sleep team learned about Healthie, a recommendation from a fellow healthcare founder. Unlike other EHRs and engagement platforms, Healthie had all of the features Empower Sleep needed, and did not have costly setup fees.


Empower Sleep Relaunches with Healthie In Just 30 Days

Empower Sleep uses Healthie to create simplified workflows under one platform.

Empower Sleep relaunched with Healthie, finding immediate wins in customer experience, provider workflow, and operational efficiency. Previously, Empower Sleep had piecemealed together a workflow involving several platforms to link together payment, scheduling and EHR. With many steps and connections, the potential for error or breakdown was high. In moving payment processing and scheduling onto the Healthie platform, Empower Sleep has built a seamless, scalable workflow within 1 platform. 

Adapting Healthie has allowed Empower Sleep’s providers to serve patients more efficiently. The team particularly appreciates Healthie’s chat platform and the ability to develop Care Plans, which makes communication and sharing information with patients easy. Moreover, in-app charting enables Empower Sleep’s clinical team to document quickly leveraging pre-fill and other automations, so they can run efficient operations and spend less time charting. 

As Empower Sleep continues to grow, they look forward to leaning more heavily into Healthie’s API capabilities as they build their unique care offering for sleep health.

Sagar Chopra

Co-founder & COO

“Since launching with Healthie, we’ve experienced a meaningful improvement in our customer engagement and continuity of care. The improved UX has enabled customers to seamlessly book follow-ups and communicate with providers, significantly strengthening our continuity of care.'

Key Results

Empower Sleep Avoids Accumulating Tech Debt and Increases Patient Retention With Healthie

Leveraging the Healthie EHR and Platform allows Empower Sleep to focus valuable resources out product offering while experiencing increased customer engagement.

The immediate ROI in choosing Healthie has been the quick relaunch without any interruption of care. Had Empower Sleep chosen to build their own backend solution, relaunch would have been costly in both time and resources. “It could have taken 6-8 months build time, and hundreds of thousands of dollars without an out-of-the-box solution like Healthie. Instead we launched in 30 days and have great responsiveness from the Healthie support team and weekly check-ins as we continue API and sandbox setup.”

In addition to the speed-to-market, Empower Sleep has experienced a significant increase in patient scheduled follow-up visits. With customized, automatic reminders and easy-to-use scheduling, patients are seeing providers more frequently, positively impacting customer retention. “We’re excited about how customer engagement has improved since our relaunch with Healthie, and how it will continue to grow.”

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