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Healthie offers a fully white-labeled solution alongside the first API of a HIPAA-compliant EHR and practice management platform. Startups can mix and match our offerings to suit business goals.

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Smart APIs

HIPAA-Compliant Software
Created For Digital Health

Leverage Healthie’s HIPAA and PCI-compliant software platform via our API to build your wellness business smarter. No need to build from scratch.

No coding required with our white-label, tap into our API to build further.


Create a seamless and intake experience for your clients. Build engaging and customized questionnaires to guide prospective members to the right care. Connect with your CRM for marketing or leverage Healthie's suite of tools.


Harness the Best Calendaring Platform for Digital HealthLeverage healthcare's strongest calendaring system to offer and book sessions, deliver group webinars, automate pre- and post- session follow-up, and integrate with key reporting.


Create long-lasting and stronger therapeutic relationships with clients, building long-term relationships by leveraging asynchronous tools like Chat & Wearables integrations and coupling synchronous engagement.


Foster rich client engagement/partnership to enable coordinated care by delivering a coordinated & comprehensive 'care team' and leveraging back-office tools like Tasks, Coaching Portal, Workflow Management and Permissions.


Deliver best-in-class care by leveraging Healthie's time-saving, proprietary features (eg modern EHR platform for charting, E-Labs & E-Rx) and by employing time-saving features like smart phrases / smart fields or our user-friendly templates.


Manage your full-stack billing needs through our all-in-one platform. Healthie’s comprehensive, integrated payment processing & invoicing offers you a comprehensive way to manage business finances.

Digital Health Startups

Create a Unique Digital Experience for your clients

  • Healthie offers a modern and intuitive cloud-based web and mobile solution
  • Build long term relationships between your provider network and clients, leveraging features like Programs (Online Courses), Webinars & Telehealth, Food & Lifestyle Logging, and more
  • Leverage our back-office administrative and EHR features including scheduling, charting and intake forms, insurance billing, payments
  • Healthie already integrates with other tools you use, including Stripe, Zoom, Fullscript, Salesforce, Hubspot, Mixpanel, Apple Health, etc.
  • Optionally tap into our full-featured API, the same API we use to build Healthie, to build on top of your core foundation
Digital Health Startups

Your Team's Resources are Precious. We can help.

Your Business, Your Brand, Your Vision: Executed. Get started with account access, and launch quickly.


Healthie has a full back-office suite, with tools for scheduling, charting, and billing. All features within the platform are available directly to you via our API.


Automatically collect new client paperwork electronically, and easily chart on clients with Healthie’s intuitive and customizable charting tool. Leverage our library of industry-specific forms & paperwork.


Connect with patients virtually through individual or group video chat sessions, or offer webinars. Diversify service offerings through virtual care and automated online programming.

Patient engagement

Care team members can keep track of patient health progress and provide real-time feedback with lifestyle and food journaling, goal setting, secure chat, metrics logging, and more.

Digital Health Startups

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Digital Health Startups

Access Healthie’s API to build your perfect platform

We live in an API economy - there's no need to reinvent the wheel.
Every feature you love in Healthie is available to you via the API.

Build on top of the industry’s strongest foundation

Healthie's API processes tens of millions of requests a month, across hundreds of thousands of users. Healthie's API utilizes GraphQL to let you build an API integration fully tailored to your needs.

Documentation and support at every step

API includes full documentation, implementation and ongoing support. Plus, as Healthie updates the platform, your API is automatically updated.

Technology that has been tested for you

When you purchase Healthie’s API, you get the same exact API, feature set, documentation, and updates that we use internally. Implement our product, which has been optimized for utility and performance over the past five years.

Track your business performance

Once Healthie’s API is implemented, you can access key analytics across the platform. Establish custom dashboards across your business and leverage Healthie’s reporting to gain valuable insights into your business operations and growth.

Turnkey for immediate implementation

API key handed over same-day with Healthie's Organization Plan. API includes both our web and mobile platforms.

Digital Health Startups

Customer Stories

Healthie is trusted by practitioners worldwide. Learn why.

Med Companion was founded with the mission to help families and caregivers close the gap in communication and understanding that often occurs between providers and family members in healthcare. Founder and CEO Marly Brodsky chose Healthie Day 1 as they sought to launch their startup. She was looking at a variety of vendors that each provided one of the services she needed - a HIPAA-compliant texting platform, a charting system, document storage platforms with limits, and disparate telehealth platforms - she knew that she’d want a system to help her scale.

“Healthie is one platform that has absolutely everything we need, is easy to use and fully customizable. We know that we can scale with no limits, and incredible customer service along the way.”

Marly Brodsky
CEO and Founder of Med Companion

Simplex Health offers organizations a comprehensive nutrition and wellness offering, leveraging their team of dietitians, health coaches, care navigators, and other health and wellness professionals to help clients achieve long-term, impactful health results. Healthie serves as the central portal that powers Simplex’s business operations and patient engagement experience.

“We use Healthie for everything. Healthie has made it so easy to track outcomes, communicate with patients by sharing resources and chatting with them, getting scheduling done, and so much more.”

Alexandra Jatzke, RD LDN
Director of Training & Development, Simplex Health
Digital Health Startups

Software for Modern Healthcare Companies

We believe that startups should focus on one thing, and do it well. Let us handle the technology, so you can focus on client service and growth.

Healthie enables you to build longitudinal relationships with your clients to improve health outcomes.
Startups in maternal care, behavioral health, general wellness, weight loss, and physical therapy all use Healthie as the foundation of their coaching technology.
Customize your settings, branding, and features utilized so that Healthie complements your existing systems & care protocols.
As you scale your provider network, leverage coordinated care features like Care Teams, Care Plans, and Org-level permissions.
Digital Health Startups

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