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Healthie is an all-in-one practice management platform and EHR designed specifically for health and wellness providers and their clients.

Healthie is trusted by 20,000 providers & high-growth businesses

Legacy EHRs weren't designed for you.

You're building long-term relationships with your clients because it drives better outcomes.

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The best practice management platform for growing practices.

Expand your practice.
Add team members and support staff for one coordinated place to deliver patient care, and manage business workflows.
Collaborative charting and multi-provider scheduling.
Streamline your team's workflows with permissions designed specifically for collaborative care.

Join over 18,000 providers who love Healthie.

"Our experience since partnering with Healthie has been exceptional and empowering. Exceptional because we routinely see the impact Helathie’s high-quality product has on our provider and member experience. Empowering because we know that as we continue to grow and adapt to better support our members, Healthie is constantly evolving to provide the best solution available."
Robert Marty, COO
"The Healthie team has been an incredible partner in helping us customize the platform to meet our needs. Our close partnership with the Healthie team has enabled us to quickly respond to our changing needs as a business."
Sophia Richter, Co-Founder & Chief Product Officer
"The challenges we’ve all faced in the last 18 months have shown us how important delivering virtual care is, particularly to families that need it most. We’re excited to be able to work with Healthie on delivering a customer experience that makes virtual care both meaningful and fun."
Jeff Beck, CEO
"Working with Healthie has allowed expansion of access to expert fibromyalgia treatment through the Swing Care clinic, helping to better serve patients, integrate with backend systems more quickly, and monitor patient outcomes while keeping their data secure."
Mike Rosenbluth, PhD, CEO
"Healthie has allowed us to rapidly scale the number of providers and patients we serve without sacrificing quality or burdening our client experience team. We’re excited to grow alongside Healthie to get more people the quality nutritional counseling they need."
Aidan Dewar, CEO
"Healthie was the perfect choice for us. It is a purpose-built telehealth solution, with an accelerated onboarding process."
Julius Bruch, CEO

Healthie's platform meets the highest certification standards for data security and privacy in healthcare, leveraging industry standards to secure data for you and your clients.


Our modular & flexible infrastructure makes scaling simple.

  • Same core platform, designed to scale for Enterprise needs.

  • Leverage API & SDKs to build out provider and patient experiences.

  • Bridge your account data with business intelligence tools for more advanced reporting.

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It's easy to integrate Healthie into apps you already use like Google Fit, Apple Health and Fitbit.

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