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Join over 2,000 health & wellness organizations that use Healthie to deliver modern virtual-first experiences and build long-term relationships with clients.

The Platform that Powers Digital Health

Join more than 2,000 clinical, product, and engineering teams that use Healthie's products and APIs to offer virtual-first, digitally-enabled care that enables you to build long-term relationships with your clients.

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Getting Started

The easiest way to launch and scale
healthcare delivery

Prioritize your resources

There's no need to reinvent the wheel - leverage our tools to onboard clients, manage your scaling provider network, and save time.

Build loyal members

Healthie empowers clinical care teams to build long-term, comprehensive client relationships, through Chat, Journaling, Telehealth, Programs, and more.

Drive Business Value

Leverage our APIs to understand clinician performance and client outcomes.

Use turnkey or API-First

Leverage our foundation, build your dream platform

Tens of millions of API calls are generated through our platform each day as organizations of all sizes use our platform and API. Designed to help you grow, at every stage of your business.

Behavioral Health
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Women's Health
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Health Coaching
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Family Care
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A comprehensive
client experience


Build engaging and customized questionnaires on your website to guide prospective members to the right care.


Leverage healthcare's strongest Calendaring system to offer and book sessions, deliver group webinars, automate pre- and post- session follow-up, and integrate with key reporting.


Build long-term relationships with your members leveraging asynchronous tools like Chat, Lifestyle Journaling, Goal Setting, LMS Platform, and Wearables integrations, on both web and mobile devices.


The future of healthcare is coordinated and driven by collaborative care. Deliver a comprehensive 'care team' driven experience and leverage back-office tooling like Tasks to set up workflows for success.


Clinicians on your team leverage our EHR for charting, E-Labs and E-Rx, and other tablestakes for health care delivery.


Healthie is your all-in-one platform for cash pay, Superbill, HSA/FSA, and insurance payments. Manage your full-stack billing needs through our coordinated platform.

What You Get

A full-stack solution designed for modern healthcare delivery

Offering the most comprehensive suite of features, Healthie enables coaching and clinical organizations to provide modern and accessible healthcare.

All Products Include:
Convenient Access

Login from any device: desktop, laptop, tablet, and mobile phones

Scalable Options

Easily expand your services & offerings as your business grows

Advanced Security

HIPAA, SOC 2, PIPEDA, GDPR & PCI-compliance

Premium Customizations

Hundreds of settings to customize your account & client experience


Clients can book appointments, log food & lifestyle journals, view and share documents, and chat with you within your secure, coordinated portal.

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Automatically collect new client paperwork electronically, and easily chart on clients with Healthie’s intuitive & customizable charting tool

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Set availability and share your calendar link to your website, emails, and social pages to enable easy online client booking.

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Wellness Programs

Distribute emails, pre-recorded videos, surveys, assessments, and educational handouts to employees with ease. Create rolling & fixed-date programs.

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Telehealth & Webinars

Offer individual or group video call sessions, or host webinars with HIPAA-compliant telehealth. No third party plugins or accounts needed.

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Securely process payments, send invoices, and store client credit cards on file. Offer one-time payments or create recurring subscriptions for services.

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Generate CMS 1500 forms & Superbills and integrate with Office Ally for direct claim submission. Invoice or charge clients for client-owed responsibilities.

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Mobile App

Providers & clients can access their account from any iOS or Android device, for convenient care. Chat with clients, manage your calendar, and review client journal entries.

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Cloud-Based Software

Securely access business & client information from any web browser or download the mobile app. Maintain HIPAA-compliance while providing modern care to clients.

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About Healthie

Expanding the reach of healthcare

We enable the next generation of healthcare builders to offer tech-enabled, virtual first care. Healthie is a technology company that offers tools for providers in health and wellness. Businesses of every size - from new startups to public companies - use our software to deliver best-in-class consumer healthcare experiences.


Digital Health loves Healthie

"Healthie allows us to prioritize internal development resources, accelerate the launch of new services, and focus on what matters most: providing excellent experiences for our members."

Shan Jaffar
COO at Plume

“With Healthie, we’re able to focus our developer resources on building the elements of our software stack that are unique to Answers Now, in support of our mission to make ABA therapy easy, intuitive, and fun.”

Morry Belkin
CTO at Answers Now

After evaluating many products and platforms, we decided to use Healthie for their superior provider-centric features, open API, and support team that was impressively responsive and very much hands on.

Avish Bhama
CEO at Klinic

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