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Digital Health Startups

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Digital Health Startups

A modern, turnkey solution
specifically for Digital Health

Leverage Healthie’s HIPAA and PCI-compliant web and mobile platform
to facilitate long-term relationships between your providers and clients.

No coding required with our white-label, tap into our API to build further.


Set provider availability, post calendar links on your website, emails, and social pages to enable easy online client booking

Engagement Logging

Customize what clients track, including nutrition and lifestyle, workouts, sleep, and goals


Complete HIPAA compliance for startups. Build, distribute, and sell courses with videos, surveys, and other online resources to engage your clients


Securely process payments, send invoices, and generate CMS 1500 forms and Superbills


Leverage Healthie’s built-in telehealth and/or direct integration with HIPAA-compliant Zoom for individual and group telehealth / webinars


Generate custom reports for all aspects of your growing organization to maintain insights into your business, finances, and client care

Digital Health Startups

Your Team's Resources are Precious. We can help.

Your Business, Your Brand, Your Vision: Executed. Get started with account access, and launch quickly with our HIPAA compliant telemedicine software for startups.


Healthie has a full back-office suite, with tools for scheduling, charting, and billing. All features within the platform are available directly to you via our API.


Automatically collect new client paperwork electronically, and easily chart on clients with Healthie’s intuitive and customizable charting tool. Leverage our library of industry-specific forms & paperwork.


Connect with patients virtually through individual or group video chat sessions, or offer webinars. Diversify service offerings through virtual care and automated online programming.

Patient engagement

Care team members can keep track of patient health progress and provide real-time feedback with lifestyle and food journaling, goal setting, secure chat, metrics logging, and more.

Digital Health Startups

Customer Stories

Healthie is trusted by practitioners worldwide. Learn why.

Hinge Health provides high-quality digital MSK care. As a leader in personalized care for back and joint pain, Hinge Health needed an API-first scheduling solution to streamline outgrown backend systems. Healthie was able to eliminate manual workflows and integrate existing patient data into a scalable API-first solution.

“The Healthie API provides a very robust and flexible platform to meet our scheduling needs. We have built our roadmap around the various pieces of functionality that Healthie offers. This allows us to flexibly deploy scheduling to our members both in the app and on the web."

Vidhan Agrawal
Senior Product Manager, Hinge Health

Oscar Health, a large multi-state health insurance company, helps patients coordinate their care. Oscar Health needed an API-first scheduling system designed for care delivery at scale. Since selecting Healthie, Oscar has been able to automate key workflows & provide provider flexibility without any disruption to care.

“Healthie was the leading scheduling system that provided comprehensive functions that met Oscar’s needs for the 100s of providers who would be loaded onto the system.”

Oscar Team Member

Kaia Health has been recognized as the first musculoskeletal digital therapy to deliver best-in-class cost saving and health outcomes. Kaia launched with Healthie’s branded platform in only two weeks, and subsequently leveraged Healthie’s Robust API. Since, Kaia has seen a major ROI as they continue to eliminate pain points by incorporating more Healthie features into their experience.

“Kaia’s model is centered around medical innovation and meeting people exactly where they are at. We reach into current gaps in the healthcare system to build beautiful healthcare experiences for our customers. Leveraging Healthie, we’ve been able to empower our engineering and product teams to focus on what makes Kaia unique - clinical care and outcomes, while having robust infrastructure for scheduling, emr, and engagement.”

Brittanie Kraft
Director of Operations

Wellinks - a virtual COPD management offering digital pulmonary rehabilitation and personalized coaching services, needed an EMR to support their patients. Healthie's API-first solution now serves as the backbone of Wellink's virtual care platform and has proven to scale with their hyper growth.

“Healthie has been a game-changer for us. Our CPO, Ellen, and her team did the research, and Healthie’s platform was the easiest and fastest to work with, saving us months — if not years — of engineering time. This has enabled us to focus on responding to the needs of our customers and what makes Wellinks unique. Best of all, they’ve been incredible partners to us, a true extension of our team.”

Geoff Matous
President & Chief Commercial Officer
Digital Health Startups

Software for Next Generation Healthcare

Healthie builds the tools and infrastructure to power all providers, allowing them to deliver recurring collaborative care.

Leverage Healthie's intuitive cloud-based web and mobile solutions to build long-term relationships through Webinars, Telehealth, Online Courses, Food/Lifestyle logging, and more.
Track your business performance with access to key analytics. Establish custom dashboards across your business and utilize reporting to gain valuable insights into your business operations and growth.
Power your infrastructure with the same exact API, feature set, documentation, and updates that we use internally. Healthie's API utilizes GraphQL to let you build an API integration fully tailored to your needs.